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  1. Twisted4x4

    Fuel pump Question

    a guy at work has a 98 explorer sport with a 4.0 he says the fuel pump is bad and asked if i could fix it for him. he called the parts stores and they told him $100 for fuel pump. are the fuel pump/sending units all one piece on these or are they two seperate parts like in the older rangers? i...
  2. Twisted4x4

    Ford Coil Springs

    Was wondering if anyone knows if there is a difference between F-150 coils and 78 Bronco coils??? Been lookin through the tech library but aint found nothin yet. Thought I had seen a link somewhere that had specs on coils :icon_confused:
  3. Twisted4x4

    My 89 4x4

    1989 Ranger Custom 4x4 1996 2.3l 4cyl 1986 TK-4 Dual 1350 t-cases D28, 4.10's, open 7.5, 4.10's, open 3" body, 1.75" spacers under coils 35x12.5x15
  4. Twisted4x4

    8.8 differences??

    A buddy of mine has a 94 Bronco with the 8.8 rear. Well his rear end went out and we are goin to look for another one tomarrow in the parts yard. Im not real fimilar with the 8.8's. What all were they used in and will one from a truck fit under a bronco or not?
  5. Twisted4x4

    Best TTB steering??

    Gonna be stuffing a D44 TTB under my 89 Ranger. Was thinking about how im gonna set up my steering when time comes. Ive seen the super runner system and pics of the rock crusher setup on here. So far the rock crusher seems to be in favor. But does anyone have any other idea? What about some type...
  6. Twisted4x4

    D44 TTB questions

    My Ranger started out as a daily driver when I got it back in 98, however in 03 I had an acident that laid me on the passenger side. With body badly mangled it slowly took on a new role of daily driver/trail beast lol. It makes plenty of heads turn just by looks alone, but when we are out...
  7. Twisted4x4

    Getting ready for up coming 302 swap

    Well im getting ready to up grade my 89 Ranger 4x4 from a 2.3 to a Supercharged 302 :yahoo: Im getting the 302 from my buddies 96 Bronco. Instead of using his tranny and tcase im gonna get an NP435 trans as well as a 203 and 205 and stick them together. Ive been doin reasearch on the 302 swap...
  8. Twisted4x4

    D44 TTB questions

    :icon_thumby:So now the debate begins!! lol TTB or solid?? with the ttb ill have everything i need except the coils, he is keeping them. however im trying to go for as much flex as possible. I know by going solid and using leafs, the swap will be easier and ill be able to control the height...
  9. Twisted4x4

    D44 TTB questions

    not sure where he got the shafts, ordered them somewhere. he has all the paperwork and everything that he's put into it. im still tossing the ideas around as to which option to do, ttb or solid. if i can find a solid 44 with 4.88's and a locker ill probably go with that. are you looking for some...
  10. Twisted4x4

    D44 TTB questions

    thanks. well he is putting one tons undr his bronco so ill b able to get his full suspension up front. with all the brackets and me working in a machine shop i should be able to hang brackets from my frame easily. stiil ill look up more info. and anyother info will be appreciated.
  11. Twisted4x4

    D44 TTB questions

    getting ready to do some major drive train overhaul on my 89 Ranger 4x4. right now its stock pretty much with the exception of dual 1350's. a buddy of mine is basicly giving me his 96 bronco drivetrain, vortech supercharged 302, D44 ttb and 8.8 rear. both axles have 4.88's with detroits and...
  12. Twisted4x4

    D44 TTB swap??

    Ya well I figured the spelling was wrong when I tried to look him up lol. Has he done this swap b4?
  13. Twisted4x4

    D44 TTB swap??

    Ya thats pretty much same thing im thinking, bigger stronger axles and wider for more stability. Only thing im not sure on is how far apart the beam mounts are on the frame? Im assuming they are wider than Rangers. I tried to look up KopyCat but didnt seem to find much about this topic.
  14. Twisted4x4

    D44 TTB swap??

    Wondering if anyone has swapped in a D44 TTB and kept it full width?? Ive read through the tech library and all it mentions is how to narrow it. Reason Im asking is cause I know of a mid 80's Bronco that I can get cheap and Im thinking of stuffing its axles up under my 89 Ranger 4x4, currently...
  15. Twisted4x4

    McNeil D35 axle???

    Was browsing through an old issue of OFF-ROAD magazine (Feb 2008) and found an interesting article about a 97 Ranger 4x4 Prerunner/Chase truck. During the build they used a McNeil Dana 35 TTB Long Travel front axle. Was wondering if anyone has used that axle and what they think of it. Personally...
  16. Twisted4x4

    Faster 5spd???

    My dad gave me his 1988 Ranger back in October. Its got the orginal 2.3 and 5spd. Well just recently the tranny locked up on me. I can get hold of another tranny thats the same but im wondering if I have any other options as to put a different 5spd in it to make a fast little street truck out of it?
  17. Twisted4x4

    Ranger Convertable???

    Wondering if anyone has made a Ranger into a convertable soft top?? After years of off-road my cab of my 89 Ranger has seen better days. Due to an accident in 2003, my rear window is plexiglas that pops out easily. And now that my cab welds are coming apart at the roof im thinking its time to...
  18. Twisted4x4

    Extended Radius Arms

    Ok im tired of wheeling my 89 Ranger 4x4 and not haveing any front end flex. buddy of mine says to junk my d28 ttb and stick a dana 30 jeep front under it with a 4 link. However my goal on my truck is to build it with as much stock Ford parts as I can and out wheel any jeep on the trail. Right...
  19. Twisted4x4

    Best Motor Mounts???

    Ok im tired of changing motor mounts every couple of months. Anyone have any suggestions for some good hard core 2.3 mounts?? Ive just been using stock mounts cause thats all Ive been able to get hold of.
  20. Twisted4x4

    Doubler Case Trouble

    Ok finally got all my parts finished for my doubler. Got it put together and stuffed up in my Ranger. However now it seems though the font case is stuck in low and wont come out. :annoyed: Rear case shifts fine and nothing feels like its binding up. I could have sworn everything was shifting...

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