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  1. SuperRob

    2000 Pathfinder Suspension Lift?

    Did some looking around on the net and havent found anything to make me smile. I'm looking to lift the Girlfriends 2000 Pathfinder, and there doesnt seem to be anything on the market that I've found... Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. SuperRob

    2002 Ram 1500 Auto Trans and Rack and Pinion Q's

    Hey guys, You know, it feels like I just molest this site when I'm in a bind, and never seem to be around to help others out anymore....unfortunatly between trying to have a normal life, not driving my Ranger anymore, and working 75 hours a week, I became sidetracked. Here's to hoping I can...
  3. SuperRob

    Couple questions about width and bolt pattern

    I'd go with the 8.8, and get the front end cut to match. the 8.8 will be less work to modify (remember you may have to mess around with the brakes, I'm not sure if that master cylinder will run 4 discs or not.....never looked into it. If you get the right front end (not sure what year....or...
  4. SuperRob

    Looking for a diesel

    Hey guys, Heres the deal. I'm not necessarily getting rid of the Ranger...BUT I AM buying a diesel. Looking for a 3/4 ton. I'm looking for a truck, so that eliminates the Chevy right off the hop, the front ends are weak and I've seen too many of them destroyed due to the oil patch roads out...
  5. SuperRob

    Superrob wins again.....Thanks guys!

    Latest update on the truck. Got it all bolted together and running great, only thing that I noticed is that with the Dana 35 front end, and the M50D bolted to the BW1350, you need a shorter driveshaft than what originally came on the Dana 28/FM146/BW1350 combo. I may be able to use the one...
  6. SuperRob

    Splitting the T-Case from Trans in truck

    What the F#(% is the trick to getting this damn thing to separate? I"ve got everything disconnected, unbolted, you name it I"ve done it. But the damn thing wont come apart, I can get it to split maybe 1/32 or so at the bottom but thats it. I've been beating on it for an hour and a half with a...
  7. SuperRob

    Hydraulic Clutch Questions

    Ok....so I started the drive back home with no 4th gear from Alberta to Victoria, and then all of a sudden my clutch goes. Gone...Nothing....(except smoke and smell) So I refill the reservoir and it pumps dry again right away without even so much as a hesitation. My initial reaction is that...
  8. SuperRob

    Mitsu Trans is DONESKI

    Well here I am in Zama City in Alberta. My truck is sitting in Edmonton. Yesterday the clutch went, but then came back, I'm not sure the problem and didnt have time to look. Now I've lost 4th altogether...kinda odd...two unrelated problems all at once...I knew the trans was going and have a...
  9. SuperRob

    9" Axle (wheel) Bearings

    Thanks Ryan!
  10. SuperRob

    9" Axle (wheel) Bearings

    Hey guys, My roommate has a 1967 Ford SuperVan with God only knows how many miles are on it. Anyway he's doing a highway drive home from work the other day and notices a LOT of smoke coming from the rear drivers wheel, stops and has a look but cant really tell anything cause its after dark...
  11. SuperRob

    Back Window Leak

    Ok guys....as usual, I have a problem... I attribute my constant run of problems to the fact that I drive an old Ford. But I will deal with these problems one at a time and continue to drive my old Ford because I wouldnt drive anything else! But here's the latest one. My back window is...
  12. SuperRob

    Draining P/S Gear Box

    Hey guys, I'm just putting a new PS pump on the truck (sorry....new to me). And the power steering fluid in it is FUBARed. How can I drain and flush out the gearbox? I know the old 'Suck, Fill, Repeat' method, but is there a better way? A way to do it while the pump is still off? Should I...
  13. SuperRob

    Pics of new tires and stuff

    Pics of new tires and stuff *NEW PICS* Well, I had finally talked myself into spending the 1300 bucks it was gonna cost to get some new tires, I was going for the Toyo Open Country MT's 33x12.50x15. Well I was at the car parts store today and ran into a guy that I know, and I'd heard that he...
  14. SuperRob

    7.5 Carriers for Open to L/S Swap

    Hey guys, I find myself out of work AGAIN...damn oil company shut the rigs down (its only temporary, I'll find another rig so no sweat...but still!) and I'm back at my parents house in Kitimat looking thru the boneyard that we seem to have built up here. My brothers Ranger had a 7.5 3L73 rear...
  15. SuperRob

    Teach me about Fuel Sending Units...?

    So my fuel gauge doesnt work. I got another sending unit from another truck (a few years older) with the plug. My original plug was in bad shape, so I spliced this one in. The only difference in the plug was that the main power and ground wires were opposite, so I changed that when I...
  16. SuperRob

    Ignition Problem-o (2.9L Owners Unite!)

    Ok, so I have another thread going in the V6 forum, regarding head swaps, but at this point I realize that this is no longer an engine question...but an electrical one. I just swapped the heads on my 89 2.9L. after I got everything all back together it wouldnt start. I'm going to try to...
  17. SuperRob

    What REALLY is considered lift height?

    So a buddy and I were talking today about lift height. When you're describing a lifted truck, does the increase in height gained SOLELY by bigger tires count towards the height of 'the lift'? Increasing tires from a 28" to a 35" has a total difference of 7 inches, split the difference, for 3.5...
  18. SuperRob

    TPS voltage test

    Hey guys, I was cruisin the posts as usual, and saw one or two that said that the screw on the throttle body was not a throttle stop but for the TPS adjustment. I had a look in the tech library and couldnt see anything on how to test it and adjust it. Cause I'm pretty sure that I've buggered...
  19. SuperRob

    2.9L Heads

    Reinstalling heads on 2.9 and trying to make'r run! Just wondering if theres a difference between the left side and right side heads on a 2.9l? I'm aware that the head gaskets are different, but cant seem to identify any differences between the 2 actual heads....any help is appreciated!

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