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  1. 4.0 durable

    I put 155,000 on my 99 4x4. Changed oil every time before stick showed it low on oil. One set of ball joints at 110,000, one set of plugs. Bought my 07 4x4 because I had the cash and just retired. Ole Whitey ( no dents and very good interior) lasted one day on the used lot. Now both of us are...
  2. Why Duels?

    The kits from whitney were in the book 30 yrs ago! You could always put on the duels and run up and down small rural roads at 75mph and pretend to be a Farmer headed to the coffee shop!;missingteeth;
  3. OHV vs OHC 4.0

    Someone asked a while back about comparing the 4.0 OHC vs OHV from someone who had owned both. I have owned both a 99 king cab XLT and an 07 king cab XLT. Both were equiped almost exactly alike. Automatics, 4.0, 4wd, 245x16 tires, the only differance was the 99 had 4.10 gears and the 07 had...
  4. Gas Mileage

    Something I became aware of this week. My 07 has 18,000 miles. 4wd and 4.0 XLT. I have always got 19 mpg on the hi-way and about 13-14 in town. I recently put a tool box in the bed made for the Ranger. With the last 2 tanks of gas, about 17 gals each, my mileage was a flat 21. Wonder if the box...
  5. Horn Blows at midnight

    Help, my horn blows anytime it wants too. 2007 XLT. It's still in warrenty.
  6. Oil Filter

    I just joined and haven't gone over all the Archives yet, so maybe you'll allow this question. I used the Big LF1 oil filters on my 99 ~ 4.0 ( OHV) Ranger. Can it be used on the 07 (OHC) 4.0 too??? Thanks alot.
  7. Hello

    Hello, I'm BrokeRecord. Just got my new 07 XLT,4.0,auto,4wd, today. I traded a 07 Nissan ( WHALE ) Titan with 18,000 miles in to get back in a Ranger. I had a 99 XLT 4.0, 4wd, SuperCab till Dec 07 and just had to trade in my Ranger to get the Whale. I never could see where I was going or where...

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