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  1. Bed Rail Caps

    Anyone have a good suggestion for Bed Rail Caps for a 2002 XLT RWD. My wife uses the truck for her landscaping business and it would be nice to protect what's left of the top of the bed rail paint from wear. I'm thinking adding black rail caps on the green truck might dress up the look at bit...
  2. Front brake and Seat Belt Question

    I took the wheel off and used some squares and the current rotor looks like it's a little larger than 11"
  3. Front brake and Seat Belt Question

    Our truck has the front coil spring suspension
  4. Front brake and Seat Belt Question

    Hi all, Dan from NC here, new to this forum. Two unrelated questions about my wife's RWD 2002 Ranger XLT with 135k miles on the clock Need to replace the front brakes and pads because of a pulsing that feels like warped rotors. I see some rotors listed with the hub and others without...
  5. Hello from NC upcoming brake work questions

    Hi all, Dan from NC, charged with the care of my wife's 2002 Ranger, 3.0 XLT

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