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  1. Concealed Carry Pistol Thread

    Nice! That looks great. Wish I had the courage to attempt something like that on one of mine.
  2. conceal carry gun rant

    I carry a .380 and all the gun "experts" tell me it's a joke and not good enough. I always offer to shoot them with it to prove me wrong but have never had anyone take me up on my offer. That right there is enough to prove they are full of shit. About 95% of the time if a gun is used in self...
  3. Any Jeep guys out there?

    I have a jeep question. Does anybody know of any differences between a Jeep 4.0 amnual trans. engine and an auto trans. engine? One of my buddies here at work is doing a favor for a friend and is working on a 99 Cherokee that ended up having a badly cracked head. Instead of paying $700 for a new...

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