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  1. tinman_72

    2.5L ('98-'01) Oil pressure sensor in Mazda B2500

    It is on the left side of the head near the back.
  2. tinman_72

    Reverse Lights not working

    Cut the ground wires for the bulbs at the back of the truck. Clean a spot on the frame and bolt the wire from the bulb to the frame. I have seen this fix so many taillights and reverse lights over the years on older vehicles.
  3. tinman_72

    2.5L ('98-'01) 2001 2.5 L head replacement

    I would assume they are asking for shank size. That is what is on the labels when you buy a bolt from a hardware store.
  4. tinman_72

    2000 Ford Ranger Green RWD Manual

    Wow. All that work done to it and it is a plain Jane 4ycl.
  5. tinman_72

    Noisy crank pulley (harmonic pulley)

    Or take take it off and inspect the rubber. If the rubber is not cracked, and there is no vibration then it probably is not the harmonic balancer causing the issue.
  6. tinman_72

    Noisy crank pulley (harmonic pulley)

    I have never had a 4.0 but every motor I have owned has a rubber lining inside that can rot away and cause noise before failure. If you know for a fact that it is the harmonic balancer making the noise I would plan on replacing it sooner rather than later.
  7. tinman_72

    Tire size

    I put 8" wide rims and 255/60R15's on my '93 2.3L that came with 225/70R14's. I also swapped out the 3.45 gears for 3.73's. I love 'em, grips the road like nobody's business. Took a pretty good hit to MPG's, though.
  8. tinman_72

    2008 Ford Ranger Pickup Red 4WD Automatic SUPER CAB

    In the same sentence: "Very reasonable condition..." and "...side step bar has rotted off ".
  9. tinman_72

    I-beam/axle to frame clearance

    If your ride is rough it is not worn shocks.
  10. tinman_72

    Explorer radiator

    F-150 driveshaft
  11. tinman_72

    Custom made or upgraded steering column!!!

    I can't believe no one suggested car-part.com . I searched for a column in my area and found a whole list.
  12. tinman_72

    2011 Ranger 2WD 4 Cylinder Lift Kit

    - Nevermind. I thought I saw the solution but was wrong.
  13. tinman_72

    Rear main seal

    The next culprits would be intake or valve covers.
  14. tinman_72

    2000 Ford Ranger XLT

    I would be wary. All the pictures have filters applied and weird distortions like he is trying to hide something.
  15. tinman_72

    Nav question

    Look through the settings for something to the effect of "offline maps". It allows you to download maps for frequently used regions to be used even when out of range.
  16. tinman_72

    Clutch fan

    Are you sure they used that method back in 1990? My '93 four cylinder still has the style that has four bolts that go through the fan and pulley and bolts to the water pump.
  17. tinman_72

    Speedo spun

    I am 90% sure that the pinouts on the plugs changed from 92' to '93. You can still use the older one, you will just have to do a little rewiring.
  18. tinman_72

    '93 XLT ABS light

    It is in the engine bay between the relay box and master cylinder. IIRC is clamped to the relay box with a cover over the connector.
  19. tinman_72

    high beams-yes low beams -no ??

    The headlights on my 93 did the exact same thing. Everyone told me it was definitely the multifunction switch. I replaced it and had the same issue. It turned out to be the relay in the engine bay.
  20. tinman_72

    abandoned explorer sport

    I liked the seats that were in my 2011 Escape Limited. They were about the only thing I liked about that car.

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