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  1. turbo91xlt

    For Sale 2.9 / a4ld out of my '88 GT

    Bump, $150 come get it out of my way.
  2. turbo91xlt

    For Sale 2.9 / a4ld out of my '88 GT

    Finally got around to pulling the 2.9/a4ld combo out of my '88 GT. I had it running & driving around the yard 3 years ago with a fresh motorcraft tuneup. But it had a small miss. Pretty sure its fuel related like a sticking/dead injector maybe? Oil was still clean when I drained it just prior to...
  3. turbo91xlt

    1992 Ranger Dana 35?

    '93 was the 1st year for the hybrid setup. All '90 (from 12/89 up) through '92 Rangers will have a true D35 TTB. And if you are looking, that is the only source for non-hybrid oem 4.10 D35 diffs.
  4. turbo91xlt

    Axle interchange for Torsen rear diff?

    The easy route would be to take the torsen/4.10 gear guts and swap them into an explorer housing. Otherwise you might be able to find a shaft @ car-part.com.
  5. turbo91xlt

    BW 1354 Output flange

    There are larger rear flanges for 1354 transfer cases for the 1330 series U-joint. I found that out when I swapped in a 1 piece '03 driveshaft into my '91... Had to swap the flange from the '03 1354m to the '91 1354m I was using to bolt the driveshaft in. I'd imagine the change took place in...
  6. turbo91xlt

    1st gen axle code 845?

    Door was possibly replaced. Code 84 is 3.45 gears & 5 at the end should be the front limited slip. Although I am unsure as to when you got a front limited slip the rear was also upgraded to an lsd. Front and rear limited slips might have had a code such as F45 with F4 being the 3.45 lsd rear...
  7. turbo91xlt

    For Sale Walker Exhaust 4.0 ohv Y-pipe

    Bought a new Y-pipe for my '91 when I replaced the trans. Ended up being able to reuse my original one. They are $80+shipping from rockauto. Asking $50 obo. Will fit most '90-'94 4.0s with single o2's and probably all 2.9s. Will trade for some TIB swaybar brackets. Pickup only from Goshen NY.
  8. turbo91xlt

    1st gen axle code 845?

    It was a rare option on '80s RBVs. Only found in the D28 axle and usually part of snow plowing prep package. If you have factory suspension airbags in your front coil springs it probably also has an LSD front axle. Yup, lock the hubs in and see if the front wheels turn the same direction. In...
  9. turbo91xlt

    3.0/3.2 SHO swap

    I'm sure you could just send them an email and they'd gladly whip one up for you on their CNC machine. I doubt they got rid of their program for making them.
  10. turbo91xlt

    3.0/3.2 SHO swap

    For an engine that's designed for 7-8k rpm its kinda silly to run a truck transmission that's shifts like a truck transmission behind it. When I was researching to do the swap to my GT (had the donor car and all) I found that Canfield makes (or at least when I was looking) an adapter for vulcan...
  11. turbo91xlt

    For Sale 95 Ranger 2WD Parts

    Hi there, I am looking for the pair of brackets that mount the front swaybar end links to the TIB suspension. Thanks!
  12. turbo91xlt

    Wanted TIB Sway bar endlink brackets.

    If you can get a set that be great! Theres a bunch here in the yards but they put the stands under the radius arms so its nearly impossible to get the main bolt that holds the bracket/beam/radius arm/spring out without having the truck fall on you. And that's providing you can even remove the...
  13. turbo91xlt

    Wanted TIB Sway bar endlink brackets.

    I'll pay you for them & to ship them to me :) Alabama is a bit of a haul from NY haha
  14. turbo91xlt

    SOLD! 4.10 Dana 35 TTB

    Everything is sold
  15. turbo91xlt

    Wanted TIB Sway bar endlink brackets.

    Looking for a pair of the brackets that bolt to '89+ 2wd twin I-beams that the sway bar endlinks attach to. Thanks!
  16. turbo91xlt

    For Sale Parting out 96 ranger

    Are the spindles/knuckles in good shape?

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