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  1. Transmarobirdeater

    2000 Ranger 347/C6

    Ok fellas Im no expert so Im open to ideas. If anyone has any tips to make this go easier I would greatly appreciate it. I have done the 4.0 sohc conversion and SAS. I love the 4.0 sohc but the 5r55e is not my friend. I will say when the 5R55E works right I love it. Im on my 3rd transmission so...
  2. Transmarobirdeater

    How big of an engine can I go on a dana 44 ttb?

    Im pretty sure it would be pushing the limts.
  3. Transmarobirdeater

    Starting my sas swap. Have questions

    I actually wheel my full widths all the time and the downsides you speak of are minor. Yea it does look freakin awesome thanks for the spelling correction. They have saved my truck from rolling over way more than they have hung me up. Narrowing them would be cool too and it would look good. I...
  4. Transmarobirdeater

    Anybody ever use a Sterling 10.25?

    Well stated bobbywalter and 85_ranger4x4. The 9 inch has been around forever it is a tried and true rearend no doubt but it does have its limitations even under a ranger. I like the newer sterlings because factory disc brakes the traction lock it has a wide range of gear ratios. Its a full...
  5. Transmarobirdeater

    Anybody ever use a Sterling 10.25?

    Anyone that has a 351w with a new process 4 speed is not a retard sir.. I understand all the variables you stated in your post. I was just being a smart ass because everyone is pro 9 inch. I'm so ahamed. Anyway that is a good example of how strong the 9 inch is. I can't tell you how many u...
  6. Transmarobirdeater

    Starting my sas swap. Have questions

    Keep it full width man. Its a lot less work. You will be glad you did and it will look freakin awsome.
  7. Transmarobirdeater

    Steering box to use on a d44 swap?

    I would not dare let a toyota part touch my truck. Keep it ford tuff. I crammed an f350 steering box in mine and its on the inside of the frame. It fit just fine and I have the 4.0 SOHC in my truck. There is no room for shit. I run it of my stock power steering pump. If you have some extra power...
  8. Transmarobirdeater

    Anybody ever use a Sterling 10.25?

    Here it is.
  9. Transmarobirdeater

    Anybody ever use a Sterling 10.25?

    The sterling is a beast. I dont care if its heavier the 9inch dont have sqwat on the sterling. My buddy has an f150 with 351 winsdor and a 4 speed. He straight trashed that 9 inch. He had a yukon locker in it. The carrier bearings gave out while doing donuts on brand new 35 inch buckshots. I...
  10. Transmarobirdeater

    2000 Trailhead Daily Driver!

    This is my pride and joy!
  11. Transmarobirdeater

    4.0 sohc red hot exhuast wont idle

    Im having problems with my 4.0. Im not sure were too post this because it is a completed swap. I have an 04 explorer 4.0 in a 2000 ranger that was origanally a 3.0 flex fuel 5 speed standard. I have 20,000 miles on the swap so far. Its been driving great. I had an issue with the fuel pump relay...
  12. Transmarobirdeater

    42 pin harness connector 00Ranger/04Sport Trac

    Im looking for a connector pinout for the 42 pin harness connector on the 2000 Ranger truck 3.0 liter 5sp. Just the truck side of the harness. I also need a pin out for the harness connector on an 04 4.0 sohc out of a 4x4 sport trac with 5r55e. If anyone has any info it would be much...
  13. Transmarobirdeater

    Building 4x4 switch

    I have an 04 sport trac harness with the 4x4 module. The 4x4 switch is missing and expensive. Im swaping an 04 sport trac 4.0 and tranny into my 00 ranger. I dont want to swap out my dash harness to obtain the 4x4. I would like to build a custom harness and switch for engagement of the 4x4. I...
  14. Transmarobirdeater

    1/8 scale solid axle

    Just wanted too see what you guys thought. In my spare time Im trying too build an 1/8 scale crawler/monster truck. This is the first part so far.It is the fron differntial and the spindle/steering knuckle. I have it next to a stampede. I still have a lot of work to do. I have supplied power to...
  15. Transmarobirdeater

    4X4 conversion Ranger Trailhead

    I have a 2000 2wd ranger trailhead. I have an opportunity to buy the front running gear off a 2004 4x4 sporttack. Just so Im on the right page. Since both have torsion bar suspension. This swap should be pretty straight forward. So it would seem from what I have read. Is it really that simple...
  16. Transmarobirdeater

    EEC-V Bad Accident Need Help!

    I purchased a superchips flashpaq off of craigslist. Witch was not a smart move becuase the product is vin locked. It gets better. I hooked it up to my ranger and I discovered it was vin locked. I was pushing buttons and it began uplaoding a performance tune. During the uplaod it failed. Now my...

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