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  1. Bronco_Chuck

    Starter Issues

    Block plate is there, engine turns over, I'll try the shims. Took one of the starters apart to use the nose cone to get an idea of how far off it was.
  2. Bronco_Chuck

    Starter Issues

    Thank you for the wiring info. I have 2 of the older style 2.9 starters. And both seem to be either too close to the ring gear, almost like the front of the starter gear hits the face of the ring gear and doesn't extend all the way. Or is too far from the ring gear to engage the teeth and is...
  3. Bronco_Chuck

    Starter Issues

    So I just got back into a ranger after a few years since I sold my last one. I managed to pick up an 88 extended cab 4wd that's in pretty good shape overall. With that said it didn't come without its shair of issues. From what I've seen so far it was originally an automatic with an electronic...
  4. Bronco_Chuck

    5R55E Problems.

    So we have a 99 explorer with the 5R55E, that we just tore down to replace the reverse band in. So after we put it all back together and reinstalled it into the truck it will not shift. It will shift from 1st to second if you shift it manualy. Then if you shift it back into drive it will down...
  5. Bronco_Chuck

    2002 ranger questions.

    Ok so im looking for some preemptive input on a few problems i will be tackling on a friends ranger tomorrow. I haven't actually seen the truck yet but what I know about it is that it's a 2002 ranger with a 3.0 and a 5 speed (so an M5od?). So here are the problems I have been asked to look at...
  6. Bronco_Chuck

    mustang 8.8

    Ihave the chance to get the 8.8 out of a 96 mustang, just wanted to know if the axle is worth grabing to put under my B2? also if anyone can give me any info on the axle.
  7. Bronco_Chuck

    2x4 to 4x4

    Ok i have been considering converting my 89 B2 to a 4x4 when i do the clutch in the next few weeks. I have seen a few threads where people have said that to do this you need the 4x4 cross member to do this on a 2wd ranger. My question is, is this going to be a problem on a 2wd B2? And just so...
  8. Bronco_Chuck

    Early bronco D30

    Thanks for the info. and the reason for not using a jeep D30 would be that i would be getting the D30 and the 9" that have matching gears already, and for about $40 more than i would pay for just the jeep axle from the JY. i would want to do it for a few reasons. 1. i would get almost...
  9. Bronco_Chuck

    Early bronco D30

    i have a chance to pick up a set of axles out of a 69 bronco. my question is since the early D30 has drums is it possable to swap it to disks like you could with the D44? if so what all do i need?
  10. Bronco_Chuck

    My 89

    Figured i would share my ride. its an 89 i picked it up in November for $400 got bored today so decided to throw my 31's on it to see how they fit. came to find that my left leaf spring is totaly fawked, the front spring bolt has rusted and broken and can now be pulled out by hand while the...
  11. Bronco_Chuck

    Its finaly Dead.

    Well after about two years of daily abuse from myself and at least two years of previous abuse from my older brother my 84 B2 finaly gave up. Now for me this is bitter sweet news it means that i will no longer have to deal with that gutless 2.8 and can start a small block swap. And the down side...
  12. Bronco_Chuck


    Okay so i will be picking up an 89 B2 this wendsday hopefuly it has the 2.9 and a 5 speed. the down side is that it needs a clutch and that its 2wd. so i have a few questions. 1. where would be the best place to buy a new clutch for it? 2. does this year have the dummy T case in it? 3. is the...
  13. Bronco_Chuck

    How do you figure out the engine year?

    hey guys i picked up a 70's something 390cid from a buddy today for $40 and was planning to bebuild it then drop it into my B2 or a ranger, just wanted to know if any of you knew how to figure out the year of the engine?
  14. Bronco_Chuck

    New carb.

    ive got a question. i have a 600cfm (i think) holly 4 barrel carb sitting in my floorboard. its out of my moms old 86 E-250 van and i was wondering what would happen if i threw it on my 84 2.8L b2. as of now im getting about 7 mpg so i dont think the gas mileage can get that much worse. any...
  15. Bronco_Chuck

    Need help.

    my older brother has an 89 fire bird it has the efi 2.8 with a 5 speed. I need some help figureing out whats wrong with it. it idles rough, and once it gets up to about 3000 rpm it loses power. please help, im sorry i cant give a better description of the problem but like i said its my brothers...
  16. Bronco_Chuck

    Herculiner bed liner.

    i have an 84 B2 and the carpet is kinda moldy,and was planning on bed linering the inside. just wanted to know what a good brand bed liner was cuz i dont want it to flake off in 2 weeks. thanks in advance for any help.
  17. Bronco_Chuck

    Bronco 8.8 axle width?

    not sure on the width but im guessing about 4-6" wider. and you would have to relocate the spring perches.
  18. Bronco_Chuck

    Bronco II GVWR

    I just wanted to know if any body knew the Gross vehicle weight rating for a 84 bronco 2? thanks.
  19. Bronco_Chuck

    clutch slips

    ok i have a 85 ranger 4x4, it has a 2.8 with a 5 speed. well when i got the truck the clutch sliped well i droped the trany and found out that the clutch disk was in backwards(its a brand new clutch). i fliped it around and put it all back together. now it still slips any ideas on whats wrong?
  20. Bronco_Chuck


    ok all i need to know is will a pressure plate off a inline 4 ranger with a 5speed work on my v6 with a 5speed? the pressure plate came off a 92 and im not sure exactly sure what trany cuz it wasnt under the truck. and it needs to go into an 85 2.8 with a fm145 (i think) will it work?

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