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  1. Michael MAnning

    Anyone know of a stillen body kit still around?

    If you still have it, please send me pics of what u have left and a good price
  2. Michael MAnning

    Ranger GT Specifications, Information and History

    Good read. I would like info on how to contact them. I was trying to match up my OEM Tri stripes on truck and I noticed it wasn’t an option on my vin tag, but they did come on the truck from what the previous owner said.
  3. Michael MAnning

    Seat cover vs reupholster

    I was looking for buckets before I did the redo. Post some pics and information on years the came out of. I’m still thinking of switching. Have a idea for a full length center console I want to make, but need the correct seats. Thanks for any info you can give me
  4. Michael MAnning

    Seat cover vs reupholster

    These seats are super tough. My OEM Upolstry on drivers side was a mess and the Fabian on the edge destroyed. When I bought truck it was 28 years old, now she’s 32 and doing well.
  5. Michael MAnning

    Seat cover vs reupholster

    I would do the seat cover option. Your local shop can just pull the old off and install the new and repair any foam that needs it. This option from LMC is just as good or better than having a shop make everything then install. These are some heavily made covers with many layers underneath heavy...
  6. Michael MAnning

    Seat cover vs reupholster

    original seats, but had my local shop beef up the foam and install vinyl Upolstry. Set was 465.00. I think and shop charged me 600 for their work and install my set. It was a little more than I wanted to spend, but wanted to keep OEM seats. I didn’t want to go back to cloth since this is my work...
  7. Michael MAnning

    Dashboard Instrument Cluster Swap

    Mine did the same thing in my 90 Ranger and I bought a new voltage regulator that's located on the left hand side in back of cluster. No more problems.
  8. Michael MAnning

    Ford ranger 60/40 bucket seat covers

    LMC Truck. Go look at the seat covers they offer. Have them installed in my 1990 Ranger 60/40 split
  9. Michael MAnning

    Seat cover vs reupholster

    Hey Bro. Go to LMC Truck and order you a complete set. I did and they look and feel awesome. Shoot me a text at 601-519-2555 and I'll send some pics of them installed. Name's Mike
  10. Michael MAnning

    90 XLT

    What up Rangers ? My names Mike and I’m new to the site . I wanted to get some advise on my daily work driver. My GMC sites in the garage. I’m wanting to put bucket seats in it. Spent a ton of cash getting my 60/40 reupholster in LMC covers and had foam work done before I thought about...

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