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  1. dasfinc

    Dasfinc V-8, 5 speed, Explorer Sport Build thread

    Can't believe this only took me 9 years to get back around to..... And a completely different (and yet the same) truck?
  2. dasfinc

    After A 4 year Hiatus.... I'm about to be back, and have questions

    It's been a long while since I was in the Ranger scene with my old truck: But I'm picking up a low mile 2wd 99 extended cab with the step side bed on the cheap with a knocking 3.0 under the hood for an excellent price, and am going to line up a 99 donor explorer. So I'm extremely...
  3. dasfinc

    Bitter Sweet, Going to start house hunting

    For starters, My Supercharger kit is forsale!!! GO BUY IT! On that note, I have a bit of savings put aside, and was wondering who all has recently started house hunting and what resources you have used? With the purchase of my mustang, I have to slow down my RBV Plans for a year at the least...
  4. dasfinc

    5 speed, V-8 Explorer Sport build

    Yay new build thread for kicks and giggles in general because it's not a ranger build. With my 1998 ford ranger having finally been scrapped, I now need a new home for my Supercharged 5.0, so here is the start of my build thread for my new platform! Ordering my first pile of new parts: For...
  5. dasfinc

    Back in the Saddle Again

    About damn time, not that anyone here cares. Ranger is scrapped per a few other threads of mine, and it's motor is finding it's way into my explorer. In the mean time I wanted to buy something that I already had years ago and could never really get over having lost. I lost this car in 2008 due...
  6. dasfinc

    Dasfinc V-8, 5 speed, Explorer Sport Build thread

    Yay new build thread! With my 1998 ford ranger having finally been scrapped, I now need a new home for my Supercharged 5.0, so here is the start of my build thread for my new platform! Ordering my first pile of new parts: For this: To go into this: Engine: GT-40P Headed 5.0...
  7. dasfinc

    I'm an industrial little fellow

    About 5 hours total to get my V-8 swapped ranger to this: yidV6EP2uAM
  8. dasfinc

    M5OD-R2 302 Questions

    Anyone running this transmission behind their 5.0's? Any issues/problems/tricks to it? From my reading it looks like a 96-98 M5OD-R2 would be PERFECT behind my 5.0 swap that's being moved into my explorer sport (the 4.2 V-6 ones share bellhousings to my 5.0, and are the same transmissions that...
  9. dasfinc

    Moving my Supercharged V-8 setup in spring

    To my other truck: 1997, 5 speed, 2wd. Thoughts? *For those curious, My 1998 Std cab Stepside ranger is getting scrapped due to visually looking like shit, me being sick of an Automatic in my "toy", and emissions/reg renewal both being due next month...*
  10. dasfinc

    Free 1998 Ranger Shell

    I DON'T CURRENTLY HAVE MY TITLE WILL SELL ON BILL OF SALE AND COPY OF MY REGISTRATION At the end of the month I am scrapping the ranger (1998, Sunset Autumn Metallic, Standard cab, Stepside bed), and keeping: Everything in the motor bay Front and Rear suspension Front spindles (complete)...
  11. dasfinc

    Where to buy Cheap/New Body Components

    LMC is tremendously expensive, and Certifit seems to only be open in my area when I'm working... Any other good vendors for things like Tailgates/Bumpers? (I'm in Northern IL incase anyone knows anything specific to that area)
  12. dasfinc

    Need a picture of a 4R70W transmission

    Outside of a Vehicle with its wiring harness still attached... Figured out my wiring issue, but won't be able to see what in the hell I'm working on with it in the truck and can't envision it... I don't have any good quality pictures of my setup out of the truck sadly...
  13. dasfinc

    Killed my ranger last night (Modified V-8/Supercharged) Any input?

    I suspect/hope/Pray its a coil after triple checking all my relays/fuses/wiring/etc. Ignition coil failures are not super uncommon on fords I know, and I kinda suspect that may be what I experienced the other day... My truck has a No-Start condition at the moment after Friday night (from my...
  14. dasfinc

    Aftermarket Brake/Suspension ranger vendors 98+

    Any good vendors out there? I have a DJM 2/3 drop kit, and fresh leaf springs, but am going to step 'down' to a 3/4 drop (Upper and lower control arms, and OEM rear shackle) Curious about a beefier sway bars, and still trying to find who sells Cobra kits for 98+ Coil sprung trucks.
  15. dasfinc

    What do you all think of my bumper?

    I posted in my other thread and made it my sig pic, but was curious if anyone had any input? My truck has a 98-00 4X4 grill on it with teeth, and my lower bumper is a 98-01 Mounty bumper. I was planning on doing the 01-03 EDGE headlights/turnsignals/grill conversion, but kinda like the end...
  16. dasfinc

    Any 4 cyl/turbo swapped 98+ Rangers on here?

    Just kinda curious, would love to see one, and how it was done, and what engine/wiring/etc.
  17. dasfinc

    1998 V-8 Roots supercharged ranger.

    Just going to copy this out of my build thread, maybe I need to put it here in hopes I get nominated to be a truck of the month? :headbang: Most of you already know that I have a swapped ford ranger, for those that don't here is the build, costs, pics, its story, etc. Back in Sept 2008 I...
  18. dasfinc

    Compatible Years

    Door panels changed in 1995 (Revised interior), They are the same from 95-00, and have some small revisions later IIRC. Front bumpers will work up to 2003, but you will need the brackets as well.
  19. dasfinc

    Anyone have any OEM 2wd rear shackles 98+

    I KNOW I'm being a hypocrit by posting this here.... I'm flipping my rear hangers for a bit more drop in the rear *and because they've rusted through*, but I have DJM Drop shackles which would give me a 7 inch drop and not the 5 I'm looking for since I don't want to notch my frame. Anyone have...
  20. dasfinc

    It's official, I so anxious I'm about to explode

    Because I have this: (Comp Cam kit *Cam, double roller timing chain/gears, Roller Lifters, valve springs, retainers, valve seals*, ProForm Roller Rockers, rear spring hangers, front end links) + 8PSI Supercharger pulley (up from 5) Colder spark plugs Transmission hard-lines (currently using...

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