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  1. 08Ranger

    New 2008 FX4 with constant thumping sound...

    I have a new (only 2000 miles) FX4 Ranger with the 4.0L and it has a constant thumping sound even when sitting still. It makes a little thump sound every couple minutes or so even when sitting still. When sitting still, you can see the idle blip a little when the sound occurrs. The sound is kind...
  2. 08Ranger

    Hello, new '08 Ranger owner here

    Hey everyone, just got a 2008 Ranger FX4 Supercab with the 4.0L earlier this week and I am loving it. I had a 2wd '92 Ranger for 8 years and replaced it with a Jeep Cherokee. I am now replacing the Cherokee with a new Ranger. So, what do I need to know about this wonderful machine? Any known...

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