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  1. P.McKenna

    Ford 5 lug to Dodge 8 lug adapters ?

    Does any company make Ford 5 lug to Ford 8 lug wheel adapters ? I was given a set of 4 Custom made 16.5" Aluminum Wheels from my dad's Shop truck that he had made back in the early 90's. They are wrapped with new BFG KO AT's 31X10.5R16.5. If I can grab the adapters for a good price, I could...
  2. P.McKenna

    Who is in the Central Coast, CA (805)

    I know we have some Members from SLO, Carp, & myself from SB. Who else is in the area ? We should get a TRS Northern 805 get together down the road, maybe even a Pismo Trip:headbang:
  3. P.McKenna

    rough starting

    Timing, Distributor/ignition. Could be a number of things
  4. P.McKenna

    88-91 2.3L 140ci direct swap for a 87' 2.3L ?

    I found a Remanufactured 2.3L 140ci for a damn good price but I would have to ship it from Texas to SoCal. I need to know before I spend the cash if its a direct swap, I just need to make they are not an 8 bolt main or will need different wiring harness. I have never done a RBV or BBV engine...
  5. P.McKenna

    Need help replacing my 87' 2.3L

    So after dealing w/ all these Smog issues & the Seller flaking on me even though he's a Dealer :dunno: I need to replace my 2.3L in my 87' since the Compression level is so low in my #3 cylinder the Carbon levels would never pass CA State Smog test. I replaced the Plugs, wired, EGR, New air...
  6. P.McKenna

    2.3L needs to be rebuilt

    My Compression level on my #3 cylinder is way low and My Smog Mechanic told me after installing a new EGR valve, Plugs, wires, and distributor cap that it will not pass because the Emission levels are too high and its due to my #3 cylinder. So I picked up the truck and on the way home had the...
  7. P.McKenna

    Add-A-Leaf Spring lift and Spring lift

    Getting an 2-3" Lift w/ Added Leaf Springs and 31" Tires ? My 87' Ranger is @ Stock ride height for a 4WD Standard Cab XLT and I use it as a daily driver and mild Trails and hills. I was wondering if I were wanting to lift the truck up about two inches from where it is now, Besides the Tuff...
  8. P.McKenna

    87' Bronco II Grille interchangable w/ Ranger ?

    I was wondering if the grill from an 87' Bronco II is same or will fit my 87' Ranger? When I bought this Truck the previous owner put on a billet styled grille which is impracticable since you have to lift up the bottom portion of the grille and put my arm all the way to the level to get the...
  9. P.McKenna

    Need Smog Fix Help!!!

    I bought an 87' Std Cab Ranger 2.3L FI about two weeks back, The person I bought if from is a wholesaler and told me he would get the car smogged at a alter date because he was going to be out of the area for a week or so. Before I took it down to get it smogged I did an Oil & Filter Change...
  10. P.McKenna

    Full Wrap-around Brush Guard for 87' Ranger

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a company who makes a full wrap around Brush/Grill Guard Bumper for my 87' Ranger XLT. I'm gonna be taking this things on some pretty heavy trails and through some area's where I hunt that I'd rather not ding up my ride to much while trying to get to where I'm going...
  11. P.McKenna

    FNG Checking In

    I'm Paul, I actually just bought my first Ranger a 87' XLT 4X4 this afternoon for the smoking price of $500. I am here to gain some insight and knowledge that can help me in the long run for get this Ranger to where I want it to be. Thanks

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