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  1. JC 97

    99 Ranger multiple issues

    Funny thing, He lowered his price after I declined to buy.
  2. JC 97

    99 Ranger multiple issues

    Needs tires too, I sent a message to him that I declined to buy the truck. Search continues.
  3. JC 97

    99 Ranger multiple issues

    If he fixes the brakes he said the price would go up. I'm not confident that he can fix the brakes because if he could why hasn't he? I'm not really set on buying but as far the body goes there isn't much rust( a plus) which is odd because the front bumper is badly rusted, as in the left corner...
  4. JC 97

    99 Ranger multiple issues

    Most trucks here are between 1500-2500 with high miles and decent amount of rust. I looked at one that the frame had a huge crack listed for $1500. I pointed out the frame crack and the seller said " that's really not a big deal" I walked away and he posted the truck sold 2 days later. I haven't...
  5. JC 97

    99 Ranger multiple issues

    120,000 showing
  6. JC 97

    99 Ranger multiple issues

    I have the mechanical ability to do the work but I have not run across the weird speedo,abs light issue before. I wanted to run the info here because of the wealth of knowledge that is on this forum.
  7. JC 97

    99 Ranger multiple issues

    I would like to buy something before winter but there are other trucks available but like anything who knows what's wrong with anything else until you see it in person. He was asking $2200 but he will take $1800. The rear spring hangers are shot too as well as the front bumper which will need...
  8. JC 97

    99 Ranger multiple issues

    It seemed to be just soft but also pretty low. I only drove it around a mall parking lot. When I said I wanted to drive it he jumped behind wheel to drive and I said " No, I am going to drive." He was like "oh,ok" First thing I noticed was the soft low brake pedal. I guess my question is...
  9. JC 97

    99 Ranger multiple issues

    That is initially what I think is wrong with the brakes. The owner said he checked wire/connections at VSSand replaced it and said everything looked good. He said a mechanic buddy did the rears and was bled properly. His next step was to replace the front calipers. He thinks they are bad but...
  10. JC 97

    99 Ranger multiple issues

    I am looking for some input on this 99 ranger that I'm looking to buy, Issue #1- soft brake pedal, #2 speedo only works between 20-50 mph, lower or higher it doesn't work, #3- ABS light on over 70 mph, under it's off. The owner has replaced the rear brakes, wheel cylinders and lines, Sensor...
  11. JC 97

    sold a car on craigs list

    So I sold a car I had saved for my daughter. She did not want it because it was a 5spd. I listed it on craigs list. A buyer was interested, came and test drove it, hooked up his phone with torque app, and liked the car. I think it is sold, not quite. He wants to come back and see a cold start...
  12. JC 97

    Ford Techs

    My employer has 2 c-max hybrids. They have asked me if I would be interested in maintaining/fixing these cars. I have never worked on one. I do not know too much about the systems and how they work with one another. My question is this, did you receive special training? I am assuming that you...
  13. JC 97

    Dodge Journey WIN module

    My WIN module is going bad on my 2010 Journey (wife's). Does anyone know if you buy a complete assembly from dealer,comes with new fobik, is it programmed and ready to install or do you still have to take to dealer for programming? I would like to trade this in but I have to straighten out the...
  14. JC 97


    Has anyone here ever used gunbroker.com or any sites like it to sell any firearm? If so what were the pro's and con's? I want to sell a rifle and was thinking of using gunbroker.
  15. JC 97

    Anyone have a cabin they get away to?

    My parents have a place. My in-laws did until last year when a family friend changed some wiring and it caught fire and became a total loss. No insurance on it either. The cabin was built in the 1940's. The family had owned it for 56 yrs.
  16. JC 97

    chirping/squeak from top end 2.3

    Two days ago my truck started to chirp from the camshaft area when hot at idle.When the motor is cold the noise is not there.I checked all the pulleys and they checked ok.I ran the truck without the belt and the noise is there.I replaced the timing belt tensioner pulley and it made no...
  17. JC 97

    School shooting in CT.

    First my thoughts and prayers go to all the families. What the hell is wrong with people today? I think there should be an armed Security Officer in every school. When will this kind of stuff end? I am at a loss to guess the root problem of why these kind of shootings happen. What is going...
  18. JC 97

    Daisy pellet rifle overhaul

    I have an 880 from the 80's .177,same problem. I searched and finally contacted Daisy who told me that parts are no longer available. I can't seem to part with it tho'. Hopefully someone comes threw with some info.
  19. JC 97

    Looking for input on SUV

  20. JC 97

    Bugging Out / Survival

    I live near a big city,There is no way I would get my family to the country.So my options are improvise,overcome and adapt.

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