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  1. Coil Spring Rates (PPI) and Free Lengths

    I put this info together. Hopefully someone can use it. I do not know if these coils will fit in ranger coil buckets or not so do your own research there. I have heard of people using these coils. What are they? Part Number PPI (pounds per inch) AKA spring rate Free Length Stock Ranger...
  2. Technical Artical Correction Spring Rates

    The tech artical that says the following is wrong. Skyjacker 4″ coils = 450 PPI Skyjacker 6″ coils = 410 PPI Skyjacker 8″ coils = 410 PPI It should say: Skyjacker Leveling Coils Standard Cab #132 = 393 PPI Free Length = 14 7/16 Skyjacker Leveling Coils Extended Cab #132x = 393 PPI Free Length...
  3. Skyjacker vs Rough Country springs

    Just like the title says what do you guys like better? It seems like people like the sky a jacket springs better but I never got an answer as to why. Are they a softer ride or do people just like sky jacker as a company better? 1996 4.0 4x4 extended cab. I’m talking about the leveling springs...

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