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  1. Rough "pulsing" idle

    Yea it took some time fiddling with them to get the idle down from what it was. Huh ya now that you explain it like that I remember seeing or hearing about that for adjusting a carb in general. My head has been in the compression ignition world for so long, the bits and pieces for spark ignition...
  2. Rough "pulsing" idle

    It was pulsing from the carb its self, not from the high idle motor. Might have figured out the culprit, the EGR. Unplugged the vac line to it and it purrs like a kitten now, and can get the idle below 1k and it not die. Yes I tore the carb down to just a fancy bowl with holes in it and went...
  3. Rough "pulsing" idle

    it is the 2.8, far as I know it is all OEM. I personally have not altered it.
  4. Rough "pulsing" idle

    So after almost 10 months I finally have the ranger back together. Problems I am having are getting it to idle down and stay running. No tach but would have to guess around 1100-1200 and trying to get it under 1k for idle rpm. The other issue is when not at WOT or even at half it "pulses" enough...
  5. Cylinder head for an 84 2.8L

    If this is the wrong section for this I apologize, only the second time I've been on here. But I am looking for a head for my 84, one ended up cracking. Trying to see if anyone has one or knows a place to get one. I can buy brand new from summit and advanced for 3-5 hundred. But wont see either...
  6. 4BT or 3v53t

    I have a 2wd 84 ranger with a 2.8L v6 with a 4spd manual behind it. I have been toying with the idea of sticking either a 3v53t Detroit in it or a 4BT. Leaning more towards the 4bt since I'm assuming it is a bit smaller. Obviously I know there will be a bit of modification to put either in, but...
  7. 2.8 to 4BT or 3v53t

    New here, I posted this in the wrong section my apologies guys!!!!

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