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  1. 3.0 firing order

    Great thanks again
  2. 3.0 firing order

    This is what I was going by from online.is it the same as what you sent me?
  3. 3.0 firing order

  4. 3.0 firing order

    i know the plugs go 1-6 passenger side to drivers side from the front.what is the order on the coil pack passenger to driver side .1998 3.0 ranger.thank tim
  5. 02sensors

    Hi, how many 02 sensors on a 98 Ranger 3.0, 5speed?what is a good recommendation for replacements? Thanks tim
  6. Starting issues

    Had to use it. Small bolt fo the wire snapped off. Jumped the clutch safety switch to get it to run using the key switch.
  7. Starting issues

    The key switch springs back from the start position
  8. Starting issues

    Great thanks for your help. I’ll check it tomorrow
  9. Starting issues

    Hi, I have a 98 ranger 3.0. Had to replace the key switch and the gear for it. it doesn’t start. I changed the starter since it was probably original one. Still won’t start.got a new relay . Still won’t start.took one of the other relays and tried that. Still won’t start.will only start with the...
  10. Key switch parts

    Does this look right? Easier to put in all together or separate pieces??
  11. Key switch parts

    K. Thanks again
  12. Key switch parts

    Great thanks . Will it start without them??
  13. Key switch parts

    Hi,my son tools the key switch out on my 1998 ranger?found there’s 2parts. How do they go in?thanx tim.pic if anyone can get some
  14. 1998 key switch

    Great thanks
  15. 1998 key switch

    My son tore all the ignition key cylinder parts out of my 98 ranger.is this blue connector suppose to be hooked up??
  16. locking hubs

    hi,i changed to front locking hubs on a 98 ranger.the lines to the hubs were all rotted off.do i still need to switch to 4wd inside?do i need to plug off the lines going to the hubs.thanx tim.
  17. trouble with e brake cable

    finally got it.vicegrips and a ratchet strap.works great.
  18. trouble with e brake cable

    yea.gonna try it again.might have to try vise grips or something to get hold of it better
  19. trouble with e brake cable

    does any one have pics of how the cables hook together?is there any type of adjuster?
  20. trouble with e brake cable

    hi,i have a 98 extended cab 4x4.the ebrake cables at both rear tires were rusted up and stuck tight in the conduit.i bought both new ones and installed them in the brake shoes.i go to atatch them to the intermediate cable and its about 2"from atatching to it.the old cable hung down about 2-3"...

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