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  1. 3.0V6 A4LD to 302 AOD swap questions

    Ok aside from new brackets and wiring and ecm and related items does anyone have pics of actual wiring changes? Like where do i cut and splice and stuff? Also will the shifter and linkage need to be changed? Column shift 4 gear shifter automatic to the AOD is anything necessary or will it just...
  2. Engine swap

    https://www.therangerstation.com/tech_library/V8Conversions.shtml This has so much info on what you might need. I think there is more somewhere else.
  3. Engine swap

    Theres a few links i had read about lemme see if i still have them
  4. V8 Swap Thread - 1994 B3000 "Victoria"

    Once i get my 3.0 out of my 94 as well i might be able to trade something for it. I like shiny things and things that light up. Im simple like that lol i was thinking about rebuilding it but cost vs a V8 swap just makes more sense plus i wont have to rebuild a 332k mile motor.
  5. 3rd Gen 2wd Ranger/mountaineer V8 swap (WIP 2022)

    Soooo im pretty much in the same lake just not the same boat. The mounting looks a little difficult but not where my issue is. Will the shifter linkage mount the same? My 3.0 with 2wd A4LD is getting replaced with a 302 with AOD and an 8.8inch axle.

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