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  1. Rick's 5.0/C6 swap 1985 BII

    Did you use the mustang mounts? Mine are bolted to the engine now but it didn't look like it'd fit.
  2. Advice needed

    Is that an NP205 in your picture?
  3. Advice needed

    I'd be ok with clunky. Rig will just be my 3 mile daily driver to work and occasional off road in the woods. We get some good snow in winter too. It won't be intended for any long trips. Thank you
  4. Advice needed

    Ok from what I was reading that's my best bet. Just wanted to ask the people smarter than me! Thank you
  5. Advice needed

    Definitely those hahaha
  6. Advice needed

    Hey all, I decided on a 5.0 swap. Engine is at machine shop for a rebuild. Looking for about 275 to wheels. I live in a very rural/remote area so parts are harder to come by. I ended up with a C6 and a BW1345 TC. I realized after some measuring that the TC won't fit between the frame rails as...
  7. BW1350 TC slipping out of 4HI

    Hey all, 1985 Ranger 2.8L V6, A4LD transmission, BW1350 manual transfer case. Goes into 4Lo from neutral and lurches pretty hard but no clunk. Not sure if normal because truck is new to me. Going into 4hi it grinds a bit as I play with shifter then clunks in hard to engage. I can then drive...
  8. Swap or Sniper EFI?

    Yeah good point. It's hard not to get excited about new toys hahaa.
  9. Swap or Sniper EFI?

    That's a good point thank you
  10. Swap or Sniper EFI?

    Yeah I'll have to take a look when I do the transmission fluid tomorrow. Maybe I'll go crazy and do the diff fluid too haha. I just got the truck last week. Ill check the magnet. Thanks for the tip I didn't think about checking that stuff. And yeah I am pretty torn between the two but knowing...
  11. Swap or Sniper EFI?

    1985 Ranger 4WD, 2.8L V6, A4LD transmission, BW1350 Transfer Case. I've been going back and forth between keeping what I have and adding a Holley sniper or doing a 302 swap. I drive the truck 2 miles to work everyday. I like to hunt and fish in the hills and I live very rural/remote. I'd like...

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