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  1. swtjames23

    Delta vs Comp 410

    Anybody have first hand experience comparing Comp Cams' 410 and Delta Cam's "Torque grind"? If not, at least some feedback about Delta. I've read about the 410, seems good but it's $277. Delta wants only $73 to regrind my cam to what they say is very similar to the 410. Sent from my iPhone...
  2. swtjames23


    Yep, sucked water in the intake, locked up the motor. Pulled the plugs, blew the water out, reinstalled plugs. Now the truck seems to run good but with a pretty loud knock (or tick? not sure the difference at this point). I pulled the valve cover off, pulled the rocker assembly and pushrods...
  3. swtjames23

    '94 4.0 Knocking, bucking, hesitating, getting worse

    UPDATE, SOLVED 1-18-16: The problem ended up being caused by two things: Leaking plenum-to-fuel rail gasket and bad wires/plugs (not sure which, I changed both) Hey guys, haven't posted in a while because I usually find my answers by searching the forum but not this time. My latest ranger is a...
  4. swtjames23

    F150 buckets in a ranger

    I searched for info on this but didn't find much. Has anyone tried this? I've got my eyes on a harley davidson F150 at the local junk yard.... Any input is appreciated.
  5. swtjames23

    bfg all terrain 35s - $80 for 2!
  6. swtjames23

    Shackle flip idea/question...

    If I understand correctly, when I flip my rear hanger and shackle I will need a body lift or a hole in the bed because of how far the shackle extends up. This: Has anyone ever tried mounting the rear hanger lower? For example, bolting the top hanger holes through the original bottom holes...
  7. swtjames23

    another pitman arm question.....

    So i'm probably just delaying the inevitable here but I can't quite bring myself to drop 200 bones on a pitman (FA 600) that I'll soon replace... So my question is who makes the SECOND:D longest drop pitman arm? Are they all the same length?
  8. swtjames23

    I'm stumped...

    So the fan sounds like it's spinning the same speed as the motor 100% of the time. Now I'm no expert on fan clutches but I believe the clutch is supposed to release when the temp of the fluid is below a certain degree right? My motor is running nice and cool with no codes but the constant...
  9. swtjames23

    Project "ranger revival"

    So, back in '09 I did this:
  10. swtjames23

    Rubber or Poly bushings?

    So I'm gonna be all up in the suspension of my truck soon and I'd like to replace all the bushings while I'm in there. I've been reading a couple different threads about Poly vs. Rubber but haven't come to a conclusion. Some say rubber flexes better but I noticed in one thread that 4x4Junkie...
  11. swtjames23

    Extreme drop pitman arm?

    With 4" axle pivot brackets and 6" SJ springs on a Supercab 4.0L I expect to see around 4.5" of true lift... My question is would an "extreme drop" pitman arm be a better choice than the regular drop pitman arm for my application? I know something like the superrunner steering would be ideal...
  12. swtjames23

    Ranger+diesel+4wd+30mpg=awesome Overpriced but a pretty cool find
  13. swtjames23

    In need of some advice...

    Well, I chopped the driver side collector off of my y pipe. I couldn't get the bolts out so it seemed like a good decision at the time but now I can't find a replacement. Any ideas? Or even better, does somebody have one layin' around? It's a '95 4.0 Ranger and to be clear, it does NOT have...
  14. swtjames23

    Are all 4.0L OHV's interchangeable?

    Ok, so here's the situation. I purchased a 95 Ranger XLT 4.0L V6 that needs a new motor. The purchase included a 4.0L V6 in the bed that I have now identified as an 90TM-AB casting. My question is, will the 90TM-AB block bolt right in to the '95 Ranger? My initial research has left me with...
  15. swtjames23

    Two years after the roll, I'm getting another ranger.

    Well, I'm finally gonna do it. I'm gonna buy another Ranger after I rolled my '93 back in 2009. She (may she rest in pieces at John's Wreckers) was a 1993 SC XLT 4.0 V6 manual tranny, case and hubs. I'm buying an identical '95 tomorrow for an unbelievable $900, the only catch is it needs a...
  16. swtjames23

    New toy! 56K stay away

    Picked this bad boy up for $0, thats right 100% free boys and girls :headbang:. It's a '79 Yamaha XS750 in amazing condition. 11,000 miles, minimal rust and a nice coat of dust. Here's to gettin good gas mileage from here on out :icon_cheers: Needs a tuneup and 3 rubber boots...
  17. swtjames23

    Speedometer fluctuates, help please

    First off, it's a 93 SC XLT 4x4 Ranger with a 4.0L and a manual transmission. Here's my first problem, from 0 to about 25 or 30 mph the speedo needle fluctuates (wiggles) up and down about 5mph or so. It's done that since i bought the truck and i don't really care but it would be nice to...
  18. swtjames23

    3.0 Sho

    Man if i had some money and lived in Michigan i'd be all over this:
  19. swtjames23

    4" brackets and 6" springs?

    With the weight of a supercab 4.0 would it be possible (or even ideal) to use 6" skyjacker springs with 4" brackets? (the brackets would be tuff country)
  20. swtjames23

    new driveshaft?

    Alright i need some advice. I have a 93 Supercab 4wd with the two piece driveshaft in the rear and it's lifted a little so i'm gettin a nasty vibration when i start from a stop. I'm thinkin it's the driveshaft so i went and picked up a one-piece from the junkyard. Heres my problem, my...