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  1. Twizzler09

    1995 Compact Truck Comparison

    Years back when I still worked as a lube tech in a tire shop....remember seeing a Dakota with a V8 that was nearly 6.0L in displacement. I can't remember mopar engine sizes...but I do remember that that truck sounded mean and drove meaner!
  2. Twizzler09

    4.6L info needed?

    I never saw them in anything older than '97 back when I still worked in a shop. Huh. Neat. Edit: 97 was the year they were introduced to the trucks, that's where I got that. Didn't realize they'd been used in a couple car models prior to that. The more you know.
  3. Twizzler09

    4.6L info needed?

    Are you referring to the 4.6l V8 modular motors? If I recall correctly, those didn't exist until somewhere around '97.
  4. Twizzler09

    Ok guys, lets see your project lists....

    My project list is pretty short. '03 Buick Century Replace all four brakes Find and fix oil leak Find and fix source of occasional coolant smell in cab Replace noisy blower motor Would do this myself but don't have a place to work. So wind up paying shops to do it. Real estate in my area is...
  5. Twizzler09

    Just how powerful is the explosion during the power stroke?

    Also out of pure boredom (my job is extremely uneventful) I decided to see how many "booms" there are in one second for the OHV 4.0L making peak power. 17 and 1/2 explodey events per second to generate .119MJ of energy. So each bang is generating 0.0068MJ of energy. Or 5015.42 ft/lbs. A boxer's...
  6. Twizzler09

    Just how powerful is the explosion during the power stroke?

    Oh! I got it now. That makes far more sense. I completely overlooked the x6 for six cylinders. :dunno:
  7. Twizzler09

    Just how powerful is the explosion during the power stroke?

    Quite true! Wasn't sure how in depth OP wanted to go, so didn't bother getting that far into it. But overall, gasoline engines are surprisingly efficient machines in a lot of ways. Inefficient, too. But nothing is perfect. Also might want to look at 50 BMG again? Military ball ammo hits around...
  8. Twizzler09

    Just how powerful is the explosion during the power stroke?

    Well, the grenade generates that energy all at once. Then sends it literally in all directions and it weakens further due to dispersion as the pressure wave travels farther from the flashpoint. So the actual energy being imparted to target is far less. The energy created by a 160hp motor over...
  9. Twizzler09

    Just how powerful is the explosion during the power stroke?

    That depends greatly on how much power is being generated by that engine at the time. A little arithmetic..... 160 horsepower equates to 0.119 megajoule per second. For comparison, a single 30mm shot from the warthog's GAU8 cannon is roughly 0.303 megajoules at the muzzle. A standard frag...
  10. Twizzler09

    Screwed it all up. Help

    Thought about that myself, but those are all moot points if it doesn't fire on starting fluid.
  11. Twizzler09

    For Sale Rare 1997 4.0L Ranger

    I realize it's been ages since there's been an update here, but is this thing still on the market?
  12. Twizzler09

    Old Timer making a return

    You and me both! Market is absolute bonkers as it stands right now. Might take me awhile, but something'll show up that's worth the effort.
  13. Twizzler09

    Old Timer making a return

    Thanks for the welcome, fellas! Definitely gonna bide my time, either a good deal will come up or the market will get better. Not sure which'll happen first but hey... guess we'll find out.
  14. Twizzler09

    Old Timer making a return

    Thanks. And I noticed, the vehicle market as a whole has gone berserk. My first ever ranger, bought it for 3 grand in 2004. Would sell for about 7 or 8 grand in the current market. Its kinda nuts. But I'm really itching to get back into the rbv game.
  15. Twizzler09

    Old Timer making a return

    Hey there everyone. Been many a year since I logged in here, so just thought I'd drop a line and say hello before posting elsewhere. So, hello! Long time ranger enthusiast, much to my family's dismay. They're largely Chevy folk. Army vet and full time security officer. Haven't owned an RBV for...
  16. Twizzler09

    rethread an aluminum oil pan?

    So I just got back into the RBV crowd today....wood woot! Got a 91 explorer with the M5OD in it :D Anyway, I just did an oil change on it and it looks like someone tried to put a heli-coil (sp) in the drain plug. I put the plug back in after the change and its not in all the way but its tight...
  17. Twizzler09

    The new Buck-Fifty

    Pretty good grab for $2,700 I think :D What do ya'll think?
  18. Twizzler09

    Newbie CB setup?

    So since I'm getting my F-150 here pretty soon, I'm already making plans to tinker with it, which includes CB radio. Problem is I know absolutely NOTHING about CB radios :D So, with that in mind, what would everyone here recommend for a CB setup? Don't need anything too fancy or overly...
  19. Twizzler09

    '97 F-150 Available engines?

    Just wondering if anyone knows what motors were available in the older '97 F-150? Been eye-balling one I want to buy but its just the base XL package and I can't remember if you could get the V8s in the XL or if Ford would make you step up to the next trim package to get it.
  20. Twizzler09

    Bad Flywheel and messed up bolts

    So I went to install a new clutch in my Ranger yesterday, and as I've come to expect from this thing, it fought me every step of the way. Went to drop the exhaust out of the way and the bolts that connect the Y-pipe to the manifolds wouldn't move on the passenger side. Just to get the pipe down...

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