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  1. Wiper Wiring diagram for 95 Ranger Super Cab

    It looks like there are some relays in the underhood fuse box. Did they chew the wires under the dash or under the hood? Here's a diagram.
  2. My New House & Workshop

    It's a very common practice to make a 2.6 stud wall where there are going to be a lot of pipes in the wall. They also sometimes put two, 2x4 stud walls side be side for the same reason. It can also give you more depth for a flush mounted medicine cabinet.
  3. Driveline Fitment

    Paint :)
  4. AC pump repeatedly kicking in and out in certain modes

    Sounds like you have idle air control problems also. There should be a line from the A/C system to the computer, to tell the computer to change the idle strategy to prepare for the A/C compressor load. But the only way the computer can do this is with the idle air control valve. Possibly it...
  5. 2.3L ('83-'97) Overly High PCV Pressure

    On the replacment PCV valves with two hose connections, that is just the aftermarket making universal parts. If you look at the new PCV valve with the dual hose connections, the smaller one will actually be plugged off with molded plastic. On applications that do not need this smaller hose...
  6. Driveline Fitment

    This is what I was thinking
  7. AC pump repeatedly kicking in and out in certain modes

    It goes quickly because the A/C compressor is a efficient pump. It sucks the refrigerant out of the evap coil very quickly. You may be correct, it may be a little low on refrigerant. Since you are limited on the equipment you have, I would wait till warmer weather or when you get to a warmer...
  8. 2.3L ('83-'97) Overly High PCV Pressure

    You could always just take the pcv valve out of the valve cover and let it suck engine compartment air while you took it for a test drive. See if the other breather pops out with the pcv just hanging there not in the engine. You can help the rings break in faster. Find a road that is not very...
  9. Driveline Fitment

    All the strength in the frame for holding weight is in that small top and bottom piece. I did a little research several years ago on truck frames, they are modified and added to frequently in the big truck world. Mack, Kenworth, etc all have recommendations, and they all say stay away from the...
  10. Question about instrument panel lights

    I have seen many instrument clusters with lenses that are not used and have no bulbs in them. I guess they used the same assembly for many different levels of trucks with many different options, but only the one single part for all of them.
  11. 2.3L ('83-'97) Overly High PCV Pressure

    Has it been driven very much since you rebuilt it? If the rings have not seated yet, boost may be making it's way into the crankcase. Do you see any smoke out of the tailpipe when you start it? If you do, it may need to be run a little more till the rings seat. I rebuilt several engines and...
  12. Front axle noise

    Go get one of those infrared thermometers. You should be able to get one cheap. Go for a drive, and then stop and point it at the front wheel bearings and see how the temp compares side to side. If the left is way hotter than the right, I suspect the wheel bearing. You can check for heat in...
  13. How hard to add cruise control to a 2002+ Ranger?

    It's fairly involved on the earlier trucks, with hard to find parts if you want to use factory parts. 2002 is 20+ years old. Here is a aftermarket kit they sell. https://www.thecruisecontrolstore.com/ranger/
  14. 2.3L ('83-'97) ‘94 2.3L starts and then stalls.

    The computer doesn't even look at the O2 sensor when the engine is cold. The knock sensor just trims the timing a little bit The ECM grounds the injectors to fire them The bad gas/water in gas is a interesting and plausible theory. Once you unplug the MAF and get it running, can you keep it...
  15. 87 ranger 4x4 engine swap HELP

    I am in the middle of the wiring right now on a 86. Swapping in a 86 fuel injected engine into a 84 carbed BII. I know it's not the popular 4.0 swap, but it is still swapping in a fuel injected engine where there was no fuel injection, and it's more involved than I thought. In 1986 it looked...
  16. 4.0 Exhaust Fitment

    That looks like front wheel drive stuff. What do you do about the driveshaft on a conventional older driveline?
  17. 87 ranger 4x4 engine swap HELP

    You have no choice on the overbore. If the engine has a lot of wear in the cylinders, you have to overbore, not for more power but to true the cylinders back up. Your machine shop you choose will tell you if your cylinders need boring. Your camshaft should stay near stock. If you change it...
  18. 4.0 Exhaust Fitment

    Rock auto has the complete kit new for $102.79 from Walker. Here's a link they have, that gives you all the Walker part numbers. You can plug these numbers into a google search and see if anyone else has the parts individually cheaper...
  19. 87 ranger 4x4 engine swap HELP

    More. https://www.therangerstation.com/tech_library/wiring_a_4-0_with_a_1983-1988_dash.shtml
  20. 87 ranger 4x4 engine swap HELP

    Here is some info on it. https://www.therangerstation.com/tech_library/4L_Conversion_faqs.shtml

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