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    Chevy Blazer help

    I have an 82 Chevy Blazer 4x4 with a 350 and th400 with a 208 t-case. When I got it I had a push button start, which runs directly off the battery and a messed up steering column. I have since replaced the column with one for a 74 truck. All of the wires hooked up the same. However when you...

    Scout II

    Hello its been awhile since I posted so first off Happy New Year to everyone. Okay with that out of the way my ? is about a Scout II. I'm looking at getting a 80 Scout II 4x4 4sp with a 4cly on propane. Dana 44's front and rear with 4.56 gears with mini spools front and rear and a D-20 tcase...

    sticker ?

    Hello I'am trying to locate a sticker of a gen 3 camero. I want to find one of the car kinda of like the Ranger shown on the main page with the TRS 10 ys ad. Its going to be used as a tribute sticker for a friend, which just passed away. Anything would help guys. Thanks Emil

    sub ?

    So I just picked up a 76 Chevy Sub 4x4 and it has auto hubs (D44). I was wandering what does it take to convert to manual hubs. I not real familar with the hubs, but there not the ones that bolt on with the allan head bolts. There smooth and it appears that they some how just slip on...

    gauge swap

    Is it possible to take the gauge cluster from a 87 with tac and put it into an 87 without a tac. Plus I would be putting the 4.0 in at a later date if that changes anything

    Kansas What


    Now what do I do

    well I opened it up and this is what I found. Its a 97 M5od it was free should I try to fix it. Not sure how hard that would be or how much it would cost. Should I try to find another one (hopefully free again). Both the top and bottom gear are gone. The bottom is much worse than the top...

    tranny ID

    I was given a M501 4x4 (1997) but I have no idea if its from a 3.0 or 4.0 how can you tell. The trans did not come with a shifter or any of the clutch parts how hard is it going to be to get the parts. This tranny is going to be used in a 87 4x4 4.0 swap. Thanks in advance

    Be our guest be our guest

    now come and join the best. Hows come when you look and the very bottom of the page there is always twice as many guest as members in the forums. Come on everyone join, its free and full of usefull info. Plus once your a member then you can post all of you usefull info.:icon_thumby:
  10. 1987 DANGER RANGER

    Warn Hub ?

    I found a set of used Warn #29071. I can prob pick it up for like $30.00. Does that sound too high it only comes with the hubs so I'll need the converson kit correct, cause my D35 has auto hubs.
  11. 1987 DANGER RANGER

    up grade needed

    I need to find a new (used 03-07) vehicle for my wife. Iam wanting an SUV poss Ford, Dodge, Jeep or Mercury. Something life a Escape, Exploder, Durango, Grand Cher or Ect. Must be 4x4 and poss a 3 row seat. Any advice would be great. Pros and cons. Thanks:huh:
  12. 1987 DANGER RANGER

    Wet carpet

    Both side of my single cab floorboards are wet. They are so wet/soaked there frozen. I have one idea where the water is coming from that is the plugs used in the inner fender area like where the wire harness for the CPU go's though. I replaced the heater core like 6 months ago so I know its...
  13. 1987 DANGER RANGER

    Starter ?

    I have a 87 2.9 man with Fm 145. I putting in a 91 4.0 auto. Iam going to use the manual trans (Fm145) I know not the best idea but I have to start somewhere. I was wandering which flywheel do I need to use. The 2.9 man or the 4.0 auto, and which stater do I use I have a man 2.9 and a auto...
  14. 1987 DANGER RANGER

    just wondering

    On my 87 4x4 with 31x11.50 I can hardly keep it on the road. When going down a blk top or dirt road it wonders so bad it sucks to drive. Some times pulls to the left then to the right. It has an aftermarket steering stab but may be bad it does not leack but my be weak is this poss my prob. I...
  15. 1987 DANGER RANGER

    4Low No go

    I have an 87 Ranger 2.9 and when I place the t-case into 4High everything works great, but when placed into 4Low it pops out. As soon as I start to let out on the clutch the truck starts to move then blam it pops out of low and starts to grind. Sometimes but not very often it will work. We...
  16. 1987 DANGER RANGER

    D35 ?

    I have a buddy who said he would give me a locker for a D35. He is a jeep guy and said the locker was from a D35 from a jeep. He said the locker was from the rear D35 from one of his old jeeps. I was just wanting to know if the locker would work in my front D35 even though the locker came...
  17. 1987 DANGER RANGER

    just a few misc?

    I guess this is the right place for these ?s I wondering when someone places a post why they sometimes place one that say just "BUMP". Iam also wonder with Rep Power is and what iTrader both stand for.
  18. 1987 DANGER RANGER

    seat swap

    Does anyone know if 91 slpoder Eddie Bauer bucket and console work in a 87 singal cab ranger 5sp
  19. 1987 DANGER RANGER

    2.9 to a 4.0

    Hello I know that in the tech area the info is all there but I was trying to find the easiest spread type sheet. I am going from an 87 4x4 2.9 to a pre 95 4.0 from a exploder 4x4. I need to know what items I need from the slpoder for the swap and anyother piece I may need for up grade such as...
  20. 1987 DANGER RANGER

    manual trans ID

    I was just wondering what's the best and fastest way to Id a manual trans. I have a 87 2.9 4x4 and I not sure what trans I have. Plus I belive my syncros are going out any one now how hard they are to replace. Thanks

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