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  1. samsonitesamsonite


    I ended up having to replace my cpu, pats transceiver and gauge cluster. All fixed now.
  2. samsonitesamsonite


    I think I have a ground somewhere that is melted through or not making contact. I tried grounding it out at the sensor and the cluster itself I can make the lights dim but it will not go out. What is the best resource to look up wiring diagrams and ground locations
  3. samsonitesamsonite


    And now I’m stumped. I have continuity from the dummy light to the pin on the cluster. Any ideas?
  4. samsonitesamsonite


    Finally got into my old account, I’m the OP here. Anyway that I can verify that the cluster is the issue? I have it taken apart and I see no blown capacitors or burnt traces on the board Ron this is the switch on the block near the oil filter. They’re are no sensors on my pan.
  5. samsonitesamsonite

    I'm baaaaaaaaaack

    Hey all, been a couple of years, but I'm back..... Still have a heep tho. The jeep sites just couldn't keep me entertained... :thefinger: I'm surprised my user name still works. Thanks Jim! Let's see how many of the old timers are left.
  6. samsonitesamsonite

    Parabolic Springs

    What do you guys know about em? are the any good? I found these The definition of a parabolic springs They look like this :
  7. samsonitesamsonite

    Bittersweet Day

    Well, I bought a Heep today..... Going to be selling the ranger, and the collection of parts.... But don't think you all can get rid of me that easy, I'm not going anywhere... Just wait till I can get some cash/good deals and you will see a sweet YJ build goin on.
  8. samsonitesamsonite

    Camber Bushings

    Are the adjustable camber bushing interchangeable from the d28 to the d35?
  9. samsonitesamsonite

    Boring Out

    I have a spare 4 oh that I am tearing down and completely rebuilding. I'm almost to the stage to send the block off to the machine shop, would I notice much of a difference if I say, had it bored .030 over?
  10. samsonitesamsonite

    Fuel Pumps

    I was given a FP out of an early-mid 80's F150, it has the same pigtail as the one in my 4.0, does it have the same specs? The one in my truck now is about toast, so I need a new one, and wanted to know if this will work.
  11. samsonitesamsonite


    I know a c6 robs power from a 4.0 but what would it take to bolt one behind a 4.0 I can get a completely rebuilt 4.0 for free... its from a F/S bronco with 5.0 it has about 50 miles on it.
  12. samsonitesamsonite

    CD player interchange

    will a stock 2000 ranger cd player fit a stock 2001 ford escape?
  13. samsonitesamsonite

    Surging Idle

    I know this problem has been beat to death but this question is a little different. When I bought the truck 2 years back the previous owner (clamined to be an electrical engineer, but I am beginning to wonder) did a bad job wiring in a 96 OBDII 4.0 and computer into an 88 ranger... I have been...
  14. samsonitesamsonite

    Intake gasket

    My truck idles a little rough, and when I stomp on the go pedal the engine sort of bucks.... I can hear it sucking air from the backside of the motor, I think its the intake, are these all symptoms of a bad intake gasket?
  15. samsonitesamsonite

    how long

    will it take to directly swap shift motors in a 1354 T-case
  16. samsonitesamsonite

    Wig-Wag Flasher

    Okay, i have the switched power ran, the fused power, and the ground. I need help located where to cut/splice these others Where would I tap in to the low and high beam switches? Where do I cut for the High beams?
  17. samsonitesamsonite

    What would it take.

    I am about to swap a manual into an ex sport. what would it take to either put a t-18 or a zf-5speed behind a 4.0? also would a stock 1350 or 1354 bolt up to one?
  18. samsonitesamsonite


    how common were 4.10's in 8.8's and D35's im heading to the yard this week to take a look.
  19. samsonitesamsonite


    My 88 was wired by someone other than myself before I bought it. I know the tach does not read right, it says that at 60 MPH I am running 3500 RPM (4.0 5spd 3.73 gears and 31" tires) how do I "recaibrate" the Tach, or "Re-wire"
  20. samsonitesamsonite

    Will these work with 2.5" drops for more flex


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