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  1. PlumCrazy

    Time to vote for the February Ugly Truck of The Month

    Did yinz manage to flop on Blueberry Hill!!!! I left way too early lol All Bobby's junk needs to be nominated. I need to find a PC ASAP!
  2. PlumCrazy

    For Sale Misc 83-97 Ranger Parts (some new)

    Few items leftover/just taking up space TTB coil springs (believe they were 2wd SuperCab) one pair new, one pair used - $20 per pair New (used for mock up) Power steering pressure and return lines for and 88 Ranger 2.3 (I think they will fit any 83-92 Ranger) - $30 for both 93-97 Ranger...
  3. PlumCrazy

    For Sale RickzRangerz low profile transmission crossmember

    RickzRangerz low profile transmission crossmember that came with some other parts I bought It was pulled from a 92(?) but should fit 83-97 Located in Millersport, OH 43046 Asking $50, will ship on buyer's dime
  4. PlumCrazy

    For Sale FX4 Level II style Silver Gauge Clusters and HVAC controls

    I have two clusters with the factory silver faces, one has the 4x4 indicator lights and the other does not I only have one set of the matching HVAC controls I believe them to be in working order, but would recommend repacing the bulbs while they are out Located in Millersport, OH 43046...
  5. PlumCrazy

    SOLD! D35 TTB Manual Lockout Hubs

    Pair of Warn or Ford hubs (not sure since the labels are missing) for a D35 TTB Both worked as they should and can include the conversion nuts needed when swapping from auto hubs Located in Millersport, OH 43046 SOLD
  6. PlumCrazy

    For Sale Explorer 5.0 Headers and Aluminum Foxbody valve covers

    I have a pair of tubular welded headers for a 5.0 Explorer - $100 pair These clear the plugs on GT40P heads One is a used OEM unit and the other side is a brand new Dorman replacement Pair of aluminum Foxbody SBF valve covers - sold Located in Millersport, OH 43046 Will ship on...
  7. PlumCrazy

    Wanted 10" Ranger Drum Brake Backing plates

    Pictures? Price? Feel free to PM me
  8. PlumCrazy

    Wanted 10" Ranger Drum Brake Backing plates

    Like the title says, I need a pair of backing plates for a Ranger rear axle. They can be from an 8.8 or 7.5 as long as its a 28 spline Ranger axle. Anything 83-11 should work. 10" brakes can be identified by smooth drums with no cooling fins cast into them. Must be local to Millersport, OH...
  9. PlumCrazy

    M5R2 vss questions

    I swapped gear set and top cover from the 97+ V6 trans into an 88-91 V8 case. This adds gear drive VSS and don't have to drill the bell housing bolt holes out.
  10. PlumCrazy

    Found! WTB Frame for 83-97 regular cab ranger

    Ended snagging a complete truck needing a cab.
  11. PlumCrazy

    PlumCrazy's Build

    Dream beams with Splash coils (probably 250k on the coils lol). Rear is sprung under with 250k+ mile Explorer leaves. The 5.0 dropped the front 3/4” or so from where it sat with the 2.3, I think there are some older photos of it before the swap in this thread somewhere.
  12. PlumCrazy

    PlumCrazy's Build

    Gave the new winter beater some TLC. Rad hoses, PS hoses, 99-00 tails, clear corners, and fresh rubber. Thanks to all the EuroVans running around you can get Ranger sized 8 ply tires Also snagged some 17x8s and 215s for the V8 truck. I hate black wheels, but they were dirt cheap and like...
  13. PlumCrazy

    For Sale 02 fx4 ranger parts

    I believe he finally found one. I need two more to complete set though lol How much do you want for them? I can send you a prepaid label if you tell me the weight and size of the box.
  14. PlumCrazy

    Wanted Wheels/Tires for rollers

    Chicago is roughly 5.75hrs away. That's about 5.5hrs further than I would be willing to travel lol
  15. PlumCrazy

    Wanted Horn Module for '88 Ranger W/O tilt wheel

    I dont want to break it, I tried pulling, pushing, and wiggling and it just kind of wobbles around in place. It was touching the ring on the steering wheel before I pulled it. Ill try to get it free again this evening.
  16. PlumCrazy

    Wanted Horn Module for '88 Ranger W/O tilt wheel

    Well...not great news. One brush is spring loaded and looks as it should. The other looks fine, but doesn't really move in or out
  17. PlumCrazy

    Wanted Horn Module for '88 Ranger W/O tilt wheel

    I'll get it pulled tonight and it will include wiring and plug. Ill see if i can find the cig lighter, I doubt its there since this truck was already gutted when I drug it home.
  18. PlumCrazy

    Wanted Horn Module for '88 Ranger W/O tilt wheel

    Looks like I still have one, not sure what it's worth? $40 shipped?

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