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  1. Sampson

    Tubing bender near detroit

    Is there anybody in the detroit metro area that could bend some 1.5 in tubing for me? Would provide you with your favorite beverage of choice. I live in Brighton but would drive a little bit.
  2. Sampson

    Coolant Temp. Fluctuating

    So its been really cold here in northwest Ohio this year and as of lately my truck is not making it up to full operating temperature. Its been in the teens and single digits for most of 2014 and even lower with the wind chill. Since its been so cold my truck hasn't been making it up to full temp...
  3. Sampson

    Senior Design Project

    Well I'm in my last semester of college and that means taking capstone class, which is a class where a groups of students design and build something. I'm in a group with 6 other people, we are all majoring in mechanical engineering technology. We are having trouble coming up with an idea for a...
  4. Sampson

    Sampson's B3000 Future SAS Build

    Well I figured I would finally make a build thread after being on here for awhile now and starting to actually do some real work to it. I bought the truck on December 5, 2005 with about 84,000 on it. It was my first vehicle, it took a long time to find a 4x4 manual trans ranger and I had to...
  5. Sampson

    Saginaw Pump Fittings

    My stock pump on my 99 B3000 4x4 is on its way out. It whines like crazy right now and I want to do the upgrade to the saginaw pump as described in the tech library. But the fitting on my stock pump are M16x1.5 and the saginaw pump is 5/8x18. Is there and adapter I can by to be able to still use...
  6. Sampson

    Which Gears

    I do plan on running an OD trans with a ratio of .72. My truck will be a dd/weekend wheeler. So it will see some highway and around town driving. I've been following your build, I can't wait to see it finished. Its definitely given me a lot of inspiration on mine. Sent from my STORM 2 using...
  7. Sampson

    Which Gears

    I'm leaning more towards the 4.88's because they would put the rpms lower where the diesel would like it. The 3.0 can suffer. Sent from my STORM 2 using Tapatalk
  8. Sampson

    Which Gears

    I'm going to be doing a sas on 37's and am not sure on what gears I should put in my axles. Right now I have the 3.0 5spd but plan on doing an engine swap to a cummins 4bt after the sas is done. I was thinking 5.13 or 4.88 gears. I figured the 5.13 would be better for the 3.0 and 4.88 for the...
  9. Sampson

    Head Gasket Questions

    This weekend I will be taking my heads off cause I have a blown gasket. I am going to them magnafluxed and resurfaced if they are not cracked. I also plan on replacing the CPS while everything is apart. My questions are do I need new head bolts or and other bolts? I thought I read somewhere the...
  10. Sampson

    Wheels For My 2012 Focus

    I want to get some nice wheels for my 2012 blue candy Focus hatch, but can't decide on which ones to get. I have narrowed it down to 7 different ones but can't decide. Let me know what you think. Any suggestions on other wheels would be great. The bolt pattern is 5x108mm and a 18x8 rim. Here is...
  11. Sampson

    Some new pics (lots)

    Hey everyone haven't posted any pics in awhile so I figured it's time. I took these pics a couple of months ago but not much has changed since then. I have a train horn on it but no pics of it yet. Anyways here you go. My fav. Still need to have some custom boots made for the...
  12. Sampson


    When first start my truck up it run a little rough like there is a miss fire. When I go and drive away it continues to do it for a minute or 2 until it warms up some. If i rev it while parked it it just stutters like it doesn't want to rev up. When I'm driving it doesn't have to be under much of...
  13. Sampson

    Shackle Swap ?'s

    I got some belltech 6400's and have a few questions. They are going on a 99 4x4, I am removing the stock block and putting the shackles on. Can I use 2wd xlt U-bolts, since the stock ones won't work. Anyone know the part number for them? I don't have a body lift so will I have to remove the bed...
  14. Sampson

    Toledo Area Rangers Unite

    Would anybody be up for a meet in Toledo on December 4th. I go to UT so I figure we could meet up there and bs for awhile then get some food or what ever. Any ideas would be great and if you would go. Pat
  15. Sampson

    Twin Sticks and more

    Hello everyone, I'm new on here so I figured I would introduce myself. I spend use to spend alot of time on RPS but not enough lifter stuff over there. Got a manual tcase in the beginning of october from 94Rangeron37s thanks a ton, have been waiting awhile to do this. I love it, it always shifts...
  16. Sampson

    Hubs won't lock

    I installed a manual tcase in my 99 b3000 and now the hubs won't engage. I tried plugging just the shift motor in and turning the knob on the dash but the hubs didn't engage. The hubs worked before the swap. Is there a way to full the computer to engage the hubs or do I need to permenately lock...
  17. Sampson

    Help in Ohio

    I got a manual tcase last weekend and some lift shackles and I was wondering if anyone could could me a hand installing these in my truck. I have all the tools nice warm garage and all that stuff, its just nice to have a helping had. Might replace cam sync too. I am doing it this Sunday the...

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