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  1. Boggin

    02 4.0 miss.

    2002 ranger 4.0 stock as far as I know. I just got the truck and been using it around the yard, it slowly developed a misfire. Was only when idling though. She was running pretty low in gas so I figured that's what it was. But it got worse and worse every time I used her. A couple days ago I...
  2. Boggin

    '57 Dodge cab on '79 F150 4x4 chassis

    this is my project im working on now, its the remains of my '79 f150, 4x4, 351m, c6. I took the cab off because it was rotted beyond belief, and bought a '57 Fargo 1 ton with a seized flathead 6 that's been sitting for about 10-15 years. the fargo was in suprisingly good shape. the floor and...
  3. Boggin

    Who knows about Antique tractors?

    My buddy has a full fleet of equipment, (dump trucks, backhoes, loaders, etc) and its all new equipment so he wanted to get at least 1 antique to go along with them, so he finally found a dozer, its supposedly a 1964 john deere 430C. but when i google "1964 john deere 430" i just get farm...
  4. Boggin

    No vehicles in Rigs of Rods

    I got a new laptop today and downloaded Rigs of Rods, and when i try playing it the only vehicles I can get are 2 buses, a tractor trailer, and an 8x8 rig. and i can only use 1 location. is anybody elses like this? when I used to play it last year i just had to download the game and it came with...
  5. Boggin

    Front vs Rear shackle.

    What would you suggest and why? I'm kinda set on rear mount shackles but before I burn it all together I'd like to hear others opinions and reasonings.
  6. Boggin

    my d30 sas

    looks good man.. whered you get those shackle hangers from?
  7. Boggin

    How to: Easy dana 70 swap in 98ranger

    i love it.. you sound kinda like me.. i like your style. if your not gonna beat on it, buy a car!
  8. Boggin

    You should see what hooked up in my front driveshaft

    ..... Facepalm? Sent from hell using Tapatalk... on my iphone
  9. Boggin

    D44 Front/Rear compatibilty

    sweet. thanks man
  10. Boggin

    D44 Front/Rear compatibilty

    I was wondering about those spools you see on ebay, says they are for a Dana 44 rear, well would they work on a front dana 44? as long as its the same spline count does it really matter if its front or rear, standard or reverse rotation, or if its ford or jeep or chevy? thanks
  11. Boggin

    Chassis paints??

    Im going to paint the chassis on my 79 project truck probably monday, and on my b2 i used a rubberized undercoating, it has a rough finish almost like bedliner, and its a realy flat black. id like to go for the smooth finish with a bit of a semi-gloss look to it. something like this. thanks...
  12. Boggin

    79 f150 4x4 build

    bought this today, 79 f150 4x4, 351m, auto, cab is on decent shape but the bed is done for. i drove her home the hour long trip on the highway, it was pretty annoying not having any exhaust after the y pipe. how i first found er.. drive home.. and home.. well in my town at least, shes...
  13. Boggin

    Can we get a seperate 'Politics' forum, please?

    The tailgate is always full of shit about liberals or politics or whatever, and it turns my guts to see every second thread is about politics, I used to love being in the tailgate but now I rarely ever go in there cause thats all that is ever there, all the good threads are way back in the 2 and...
  14. Boggin

    Shes finally painted. the army green BII

    and first when I got her.. It was a proud day indeed, I finally finished a project, Wouldnt of got this far if it wasnt for you guys, I appreciate all the help Ive gotten on here from each of you. Espically those of you who sold me the parts to help me get her where she is today!
  15. Boggin

    Cheap ass lift shocks

    Does anyone know if there are any shocks from a stock application that will work on my B2 with 4" susp lift? i got the complete lift, all I need now is shocks. wondering if i can get any from some kind of stock rig so i wont have to pay a shit load for some. i could care less if i even have...
  16. Boggin

    My first engine rebuild, 5.0 HO. lots of pics and questions

    this is my first time rebuilding an engine besides just headgaskets or rear main seal change on my 351M. so i am a true newb with this. i got a spare motor that used to be in my mustang, its a 5.0 HO, not sure on the year. first question is can i just buy a 4bbl intake and carb to put on this...
  17. Boggin

    Bumper brackets for body lift, pics wanted

    So im here in the garage now trying to put the stock bumper back on the B2, and im trying to figure out making my own brackets to make up for the body lift gap. If anybody has any pics of their brackets or ones you made it would be great. thanks.
  18. Boggin

    07 f150 wheels on 06 sierra

    does anyone know if a set of dick cepek 17" rims for an 07 f150 4x4 would fit a 06 gmc sierra z71?
  19. Boggin

    any dirt track racers here?

    one of my buddys got a protege a couple weeks ago and done a bit of work on it and got a load of sponsors and is racing it at the dirt track here, and it looks like its fun as hell. i deffinetly want to start it.. thing is first i need to know the rules and regulations and classes and all that...
  20. Boggin

    driveshaft issues with susp lift ??

    just bought a 4" susp lift from The_Dealer, the axle drops are only 2.5" tuff countrys but the coils are 4"skyjackers, i was wondering if my front driveshaft will be long enough or if ill need it extended? also my current rear driveshaft is the cv style, but i got a u joint style shaft that is...

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