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  1. Josh B

    Rear Catalytic converter removal/install

    I used a little Freight Harbor Tools welder to build my trailer, using 1/8 X 1 1/4" angle. 8 of those come together at the tongue. I broke the trailer in by doing 4 600 mile/ 1200 mile RT loaded to the hilt The welder could be hooked to either 110 or 220. It's been 18 years and it was less...
  2. Josh B

    Going full circle

    Thanks Scott and SGT. I think the other side is enough to get the transfer case out, that's all I wanted
  3. Josh B

    Going full circle

    Does this rod have any tension on it? I'm wanting to get the muffler out of there and I think the cross support needs dropped to loose the muffler
  4. Josh B

    Wanted 94’ 4.0 intake hose

    Hey Purps, it's same as the one on my 93 too, and it's had foam tape wrapped around both ends for forever. You can buy (this was 6, 8, or 10 years ago ?) them in a package deal from Ford, the end seals AND the intake tunnel in a package, it was like $212 when I found a dealership who's parts...
  5. Josh B

    Going full circle

    I dug that starter out of there today, that was a chore. Now there's enough room to get the camera into the hole, makes it look big but the camera fits inside, but my hands don't fit as well :D I also will need a mirror stick to see where the tools need to get to :/ And I hope those are the...
  6. Josh B

    Shifter is sloppy

    Here's a bunch of shift kits and such https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffab&q=87+a4ld+transmission+shift+kit&ia=web
  7. Josh B

    4WD died for a bit

    Yes sir, I was wondering if it might be something like that. Now I guess we'll need to check close even "New-Old stock" I wasn't aware :/
  8. Josh B

    4WD died for a bit

    Mine was a Dorman, the one I bought in 2007, has worked fine, not sure if yours was a rebuild or what. I have the original in the box it came in, rebuilt and ready to use, the Dorman has been on the truck all these years. Says it was made in Korea
  9. Josh B

    4WD died for a bit

    If you do your own work on them that's what I would do. It pulls easy as a starter and cleans up as well also, not really too complicated
  10. Josh B

    Good to be here. First time joining a forum.

    Hello Winter, welcome to TRS. Message boards was basically how it all got going :)
  11. Josh B

    Going full circle

    Actually I have an old tried and true moving dolly to use for that, I believe it will hold 500lbs, 125 per corner. That really isn't the one I'll be using tho, that one will get lifted one time from the Explorer, and sat back down into the Ranger ;) I am having a problem with the one in...
  12. Josh B

    Do larger throttle bodies really work?

    I had a 4bbl on a 327 in a 63 pickup, Fleetside I think it was called. After flooring that thing a few times I took the 2bbl off the 283 64 Impala that wasn't running anyway and used it, lots better on the pocketbook ;)
  13. Josh B

    Starter clicks, truck runs after push start

    They are easy to rebuild and to maintain, usually they just need cleaned up a bit, being it is near the lowest hanging part of the engine and there are a lot of places around it to allow the dirt and grime getting in. The last time mine went out was in the woods out back and a couple hundred...
  14. Josh B

    RV siding repair questions

    I might have said something sooner but those are in most cases one of a kind. There may be 2 or 3 go through the line and get similar builds but those guys make it up as they go. I don't know what brand it is and I didn't look back through the other posts, but it wouldn't really change much, and...
  15. Josh B

    Farm and Garden

    That looked a lot like my old Ford 300 :)
  16. Josh B

    Hey guys

    I hope you brought coffee! :D Send photo of coffee
  17. Josh B

    Hello From Port Charlotte Florida

    Hello Bob, welcome to TRS You;re at the right place
  18. Josh B

    Long time rangerer first time forumerer

    Hello AHarrison26 and welcome to TRS. Any relation to GHarrison? Old friend of mine ;) Super congratulations on your new helper :)
  19. Josh B

    Axle flange bolt rounded

    I've got a problem with the motor mount bolts on the 93 and the 96, and have disentegrated at least a few 1/2" drive tools attempting to dislodge them from their moorings

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