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  1. myranger26105

    2000 trans shifter cable

    i am going to try to replace a shifter cable on a 2000 ranger 4x4 and i was wanting to get some info on how to do this and if it is a hard job or any tricks you guys might be able to help me with
  2. myranger26105


    i am running 265/75/16s right now and was going to goto 33s with some new wheels when i get enough saved up i know i will need a BL i have 4.0 5speed with 4.10s would it be a big difference going up in that lil of a size with performance and driveability and do they make a 33x11.50 can really...
  3. myranger26105

    wheelbearing question?????

    got a 03 ranger 4x4 about ready to replace both front wheelbearings and had a question is there a way you could drill and tap a grease fitting to make them greasable or is this just dumb thinking??? was going to try it on my old ones and see what happens but wanted to get others thoughts
  4. myranger26105

    wheel bearings

    got a 03 4x4 edge wheelbearings are going bad and dont have the money to replace them is there something i can do to make them last a lil bit longer until i get my tax money?
  5. myranger26105

    2003 fog light

    got a busted fog light in my bumper was going to head to the junkyard monday and see if i could find what what would be the years to look for in rangers and is their other vehicles i can look at
  6. myranger26105

    rear brakes locking up

    just put new brakes on my truck front and rear about a month ago and with in the last few days the rear as been locking up at low speeds could there be air in the line i bleed them when i put brakes on. its a 2003 4x4 5 speed 4lit
  7. myranger26105

    new bumper

    i have pretty much trashed my stock bumper on my 03 ranger and need a new one my father in law is a welder and he is going to start showing me how to weld and help me build a nice new bumper for a winch but dont have any ideas of what it should look like does anyone have any pic of custom...
  8. myranger26105

    03 sway bar removal

    i have cranked my tbars about 1.5 and was wondering if i removed the sway bar would it make it ride a lil softer or is this a bad idea
  9. myranger26105

    2005 explored problem

    a buddy of mine has a 2005 explore v8 EB edition and when using cruise if you hit the brake or coast button on the cruise it kills the motor sometimes not all the time what could be some of the problems i said its in the wireing and he took it to a shop and they said they couldnt find anything...
  10. myranger26105

    trans identification

    i have a 2003 ranger egde 4x4 with a 4.0 i have a 5 speed and was wondering what trans i have is their a way to tell what you have by the VIN and if so can someone help me
  11. myranger26105

    4.0 chip

    i just got on the computer and got onto therangerstation and saw this at the top of the page http://www.gfchips.com/ and was looking at it has anyone tried this and what is their info on it and if its junk and a waste of money why is it on TRS
  12. myranger26105

    half doors

    i have a 2003 supercab with the back doors and i was wondering if anyone had some half doors or tube doors on their rangers with the same doors i have and if so i would like to see some pics thanks guys
  13. myranger26105

    T5C Terramite

    i have a 2003 Ranger with a 4.0 v6 and a 5speed with 4.10s and 265/75s. could i pull a terramite T5C it weighs around 3300 lbs plus what a trailor weighs could i tow this safely with my ranger need to tow it about 100 miles mostly flat road with some small hills wont be going over 50 or 55
  14. myranger26105

    trade wheels and tires

    would like to trade my wheels and tires for something different would like to stay the same size might be able to put some cash up with mine i have 265/75/16 on stock ranger wheels the tires have about 80-90% tread left on them
  15. myranger26105

    tire size

    i have a 03 4x4 EDGE i have cranked the tbars about 1.5 i run 265/75/16s right now and was wanting something bigger whats the biggest i can run without a body lift and what can i run with a body lift?
  16. myranger26105


    was looking on ebay and found these shocks has anyone ever used them and if so are they decent ones i have a 03 4x4 with a slight tbar crank about 2 inches...
  17. myranger26105

    spark plugs

    just went to autozone and advance auto and they both told me that my 03 ranger 4.0 4x4 uses iridium spark plugs they r 8 dollars a piece is this BS or is it true
  18. myranger26105

    sub noise

    i just installed a pioneer basstube and it sounds really nice but when i have the radio turned down or turned off it makes a noise with the reving of the motor through the sub i have installed subs and amps b4 and never had this problem can someone give me some ideas of what i did wrong
  19. myranger26105

    steering wheel swap

    ive got a 03 edge 4x4. i work on a chemical plant and we just got a new ranger as our vehicle to drive around plant and i really like the new steering wheels and was wondering if it would be a easy swap to go to the new steering wheels or if it was something that is hard to do?
  20. myranger26105

    rear brakes

    got a 03 edge 4x4 i am having problems with my brakes locking up on the rear so i was going to take a look at the brakes to see if they need replaced and i tried to about an hour to take the drums off and i couldnt i used a rubber hammer and couldnt get them to move i dont think they have any...

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