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  1. Dofter

    91 3.0 MAF Sensor mod issue, lean

    Okay, so I have a 91 3.0. I just did some intake work on it, new tubing, filter and swapped the MAF sensor housing from a 91 Crown Vic 5.0. I kept the original sensor, not the 5.0's. I was thinking that more air in would equal more power. Now my truck struggles at start up and full throttle. Do...
  2. Dofter

    My 2 Rangers

    I just want to share my trucks. My first one was my very first truck/car: I had bought it from my grand-dad for $1750 with 55,000 original miles on it. It is a 1991 XLT with a 2WD 3.0L Then I started modifying it... I have put a 12" sub and 1200WATT amp, LED ambient lighting, tool box...
  3. Dofter

    How many members are there?

    I am just curious to know how many members there are on The Ranger Station.:icon_confused::dunno:
  4. Dofter

    Chassis Swap?

    I was thinking the other day...:icon_confused: (something bad for me to do, because I think of things like this :icon_twisted:) Is it possible to swap an entire chassis, engine, transmission and drivetrain from and explorer to a ranger? I was thinking maybe get a not wrecked explorer, and trade...
  5. Dofter

    LED Ambient Lighting

    Hey guys! I did some LED lighting in my Ranger and I thought I would share what I have done. First off I ripped up the carpet to wire some of the wires under. Second I found this bunch of wires under the headlight switch and spliced into the lhtblu/red wire (dash lights) and made kind of a...
  6. Dofter

    1991 Ranger XLT

    Hey just thought I would share some pics of my Ranger It is mostly factory stock, 3.0L V6 2wd, Manual Transmission, and just over 60,000 miles:icon_thumby:
  7. Dofter


    Hey, my name is Greg. I am a proud owner of a 1991 Ford Ranger. I am the second owner, bought it off my Grandpa(original owner). I enjoy driving my Ranger; to work, drifting in the rain or gravel, mobbing off-road, or just haulin' some friends to our next paintball game. I didn't really know...

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