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  1. Will

    Bobby Walter (Lil Bob) Kidney Transplant Fundraiser

    I called him just now...and woke him up. He (maybe) wasn't that pissed at me. I'm shocked I didn't know about this. I'm embarrassed I didn't know about Bob Jr.
  2. Will

    Bobby Walter (Lil Bob) Kidney Transplant Fundraiser

    Yeah, I've been on here through thick and thick 20 plus years. Bobby is a great friend as is Jim. We've been through a lot outside of this site, and a lot within this site. Bobby put a roof on a friends house while I built a road for him. I've gone through no kids to having 4 in college and one...
  3. Will

    Bobby Walter (Lil Bob) Kidney Transplant Fundraiser

    yeah...humbling. so....Amira .... thank you. I can never repay this act.....but as long as I am breathing....I am here for you... Yeah, he means that. He will smash through concrete walls for you. And I would too. That's, well, there's nothing to say...
  4. Will

    Bobby Walter (Lil Bob) Kidney Transplant Fundraiser

    I didn't know about this.
  5. Will

    Anyone know much about water wells?

    Florida is much different than Indiana. We are on well water. We have a 30" concrete casing well that is 30' to the water and who knows how deep the well is. It's 50 years old and no records. The pump hangs down on a rope with an old abs plastic pipe feeding water to the surface. At the back...
  6. Will

    Seeking suggestions for a 110v MIG welder.

    If you are a good welder you can make nice welds with a 120v $100 flux-core Chinese machine. I have an expensive 240V Lincoln, but I don't use it that much--just on things in the shop because I don't like to haul the tank around. I also have a 230amp Hobart stick welder. Most things, I like the...
  7. Will

    Lifter tick or rod knock?

    Lifters. This is a problem out of the past. Like 20 years out of the past. Clean those lifter bore with a rifle brush. I had this 20+ years ago.
  8. Will

    Finally- a decent Transfercase option for RBV! The Behemoth Strongbox Doubler

    Such a good engine. Way less power and torque in the paperwork than my Toyota 4.0, but did the same job without any frantic revving. I tow the same ASV RC30 loader on the same Load Trail trailer that I did with the Ranger before it was destroyed. Maybe it's my personality is better suited to the...
  9. Will

    TRS Event TRS 2023 Fall Adventure - Land Between The Lakes

    I hope there will be a CRV to pull me out if I get in trouble. Or I can kick it under a tire for traction.
  10. Will

    Woods/trail pistol?

    I have a 12 gauge pump in my truck as well. But the air horn is enough for a bear. It's just a 200# racoon. It's looking for the easy score and runs from the horn.
  11. Will

    Woods/trail pistol?

    Keep your .38 snub (that's what I carry--a Charter Arms Undercover--chrome with wood service grips) and get an air horn. Nothing short of that 12 gauge will reliably kill a bear. The air horn will scare it off every time. Shooting it and not killing it means you are engaging it. Blasting it with...
  12. Will

    TRS Event TRS 2023 Fall Adventure - Land Between The Lakes

    Is there truck stuff here? I don't care if there isn't. Just figuring out how I can sell it to my wife.
  13. Will

    TRS Event TRS 2023 Fall Adventure - Land Between The Lakes

    Are there any trails for my stock (it's not) FJ to embarrass Rangers on or do I just drag in the RV? Looks like lots of hikes and thing my wife would enjoy, so maybe she will come with me for a change. I like this plan.
  14. Will

    Drill press recommendations

    The drill bits are more important. Chicago-Latrobe #57850 is the set I use. Any cheap drill press is good enough-it's not a milling machine. The thing is heat. The bits I suggest are much harder at drilling temp than the steel we drill through. Sometimes we harden the steel as we try to...
  15. Will

    Question about winch

    The best winch is a fast winch. I went through a few winches. I settled on the Superwinch Talon 9.5i. It's the fastest winch there is. You have to run to spool it back in. I cut the steel wire in half and put hooks on the extra half for when I need it. I have the huge crimper for the cable to do...
  16. Will

    What’s for dinner tonite!

    Frittata. Quiche without the pastry.
  17. Will

    Rest in Peace Bloodbane

    What? He has the same last name as me, and not a common one. I know him by his forum name. I'm sorry for sure to learn of his passing.
  18. Will

    Suicidal thoughts...

    Who can you help? I have a 19 year old child I deal with this all the time. We are alone in the universe with nuclear reactions and big rocks and physics and shit flying at us. It's up to us. Instead of looking inside, look outside. Go help somebody else. Be a rung on somebodies ladder. That's a...
  19. Will

    ever buy tools that you will probably never need?

    I bought an inch-drive impact wrench to take apart a D35 TTB. I have a huge compressor that's taller than me. I put a 1/2" air hose on it. No quick connects when I use it as they restrict the air. You have to set it up just to knock a bolt loose. It will power the 1" drive impact for maybe 10...

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