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  1. clvanhorn

    full size fuel system

    hey guys, i recently acquired a 1991 f150 as my dd. 4.9 5sp 2wd. short box dual tank. truck has been running kind of funny, and today it wouldn't start. it does turn over, but will not fire. i think the problem is in the fuel system because my fuel pumps are not shutting off after a few seconds...
  2. clvanhorn

    Rockwell 2.5 Tons

    get off of this damn forum... you're ruining it for us guys that care about rangers... and btw, why would you spell "blue" with a "y" that will instantly turn you into a window licker, dumbass
  3. clvanhorn

    fishing haida gwaii

    true, might be a fun project, but if it needs a motor, just remember how expensive they can be... around me, you usually have to figure about 100 bucks per horse for the bigger motors, so for a 50 horse you're looking about 5g's new...
  4. clvanhorn

    getting back into a fullsize

    well guys, i'm looking at getting back into a fullsize for a dd. she's a 91 f150 reg cab short box 2wd. 300 i6 and a 5sp:yahoo:. i want to make this into a somewhat capable rig, although it is just 2wd. wondering if anyone knows a good setup for the suspension to make it flex just a little more...
  5. clvanhorn

    axle swaps for a ranger...

    i would consider a different trans than the c6. although nearly bulletproof in stock form, they rob a lot of power. well, that, and i'm a big fan of 5spds
  6. clvanhorn

    Help lowering 99 Ranger

    djm 2/3 drop
  7. clvanhorn


    hey guys, i'm somewhat considering building/ buying a bobber in early spring. never really thought about buying a bike until i seen a bobber on here and in some other media. have a question that i know has a lot of opinionated answers to, what is a good start for this project? i have heard that...
  8. clvanhorn

    are these rims rare?

    where can i find these dang rims! i want a set but i can't find them anywhere for cheap.... and these are just stock steelies! http://limaohio.craigslist.org/pts/2700350321.html
  9. clvanhorn

    Bugging Out / Survival

    really? gas motors are less sensitive to bad fuel? i always figured the diesel's would win in that category since they'll run on dumb stuff like veggie oil and other recycled oils... thats def. something interesting to check out!
  10. clvanhorn

    Bugging Out / Survival

    sorry my medication is wearing off and i'm confused lol. are you saying that i ONLY need the battery if it is too cold out? i think thats what you mean lol
  11. clvanhorn

    Bugging Out / Survival

    we have an old 86? ford 1 ton with the 6.9 diesel rattler. she's a stick, and i'm not really familiar with how diesels work. since its a stick, do you need a battery to start it? as in roll it down a hill and pop the clutch?
  12. clvanhorn

    The gun thread...

    thanks jester!
  13. clvanhorn

    The gun thread...

    and what is that paint you used jester? it looks textured like bedliner or something... i like it!
  14. clvanhorn

    The gun thread...

    oh my god jester, those sure are purdy! nice collection! is that everything you have? or do you have more?
  15. clvanhorn

    The gun thread...

    haha ok thanks guys! its good to hear differing opinions on this subject! one of these days i'll have to get some pics up of the ladies. nothin special, but they do the job.
  16. clvanhorn

    The gun thread...

    i took one of my 3 12ga. shotguns to a gunsmith a couple of weeks back to get it cut down. when i was there he told me not to worry about buying gun oil for my guns, he said he prefers to use whatever motor oil i have laying around. your guys take on this? good idea or bad? i don't know a ton...
  17. clvanhorn

    $20,000 and it doesn't even have a cd player???

    http://fortwayne.craigslist.org/cto/2691090101.html not sure if anyone has already posted about this truck, but i just keep thinking to myself, how in the world did someone spend 20 grand on this??? there are a lot nicer trucks on here that ppl have built themselves for a quarter the price!
  18. clvanhorn

    front end clunking sound

    i think this is in the right forum, if not, would a mod please move it? ok so i have a 88 ext. cab 4wd ranger and i hear a clunking noise coming from the front end when i turn at slow speeds once in a while. i especially hear it when turning at lower speeds into inclined driveways or up small...
  19. clvanhorn

    summer fun

    just thought i'd throw up some pics of the truck my dad gave me this summer to have some fun in. specs: 91 ranger xlt. 4.0 auto with 280,000 on the clock. never cared for haha. dad just drove the balls off of it cuz it was good on gas. and yes, she burns posi with 33's or 35's. we were gonna try...
  20. clvanhorn

    302 headers

    hey guys, i was wondering if anyone knew a source for 73-79 ford fullsize truck headers for trucks that are 302 and 4wd. can't find any on the internet, wondering if i'm missing something. thanks!

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