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  1. goodie85

    any use for super duty axles?

    I have a set of super duty axles, from my wrecked super duty. I have the dana 60 in front, and the rear axle as well. Thinking about building another ranger up would these be of good use? I've been out of the ranger game for quite some time since I got rid of mine, been more into the diesel...
  2. goodie85

    4bt rangers

    Looking for someone that has put a 4bt cummins in a ranger any body style, i would like to see their setups, im debating on a 4bt or a 347 stroker in any body style ranger. I really just want to see the setups for the 4bt since i know everything with a 347 in a ranger. I would really like to...
  3. goodie85

    Our government has corrupted this nation so bad

    I'm sure some of you have seen this but I just got an e-mail and thought I'd share how awesome this email is. To All My Valued Employees, There have been some rumblings around the office about the future of this company, and more specifically, your job. As you know, the economy has changed...
  4. goodie85

    My truck (not the ranger but still a ford)

    Well I blew my ranger up and decided to buy into the diesel world and got an f-250 last summer, and since then I still troll this forum a lot and plan on building the ol ranger with a 4bt, but any who I cannot thank TRS enough for how courteous and helping you guys are, the diesel forums are...
  5. goodie85

    hockey injury pics included

    had a colision on the ice head on i was awarded earlier in the year speed skating and best shooting accuracy, out for six-eight weeks depending on if i need pins put in, the ranger was the beaut that took me to the hospital, anyways i snapped my radius completely in half and dislocated the ulna...
  6. goodie85

    new truck, but ill still be hangin around (pic inside)

    its a lariat f250 8 inch lift 2o inch rims, 38 15.50 tires, so far i have exhaust, intake and a cutom tuner ordered for it
  7. goodie85

    need some crazy ideas, homecoming is here

    well it my senior homecoming and our parade all the senior clicks get to build a van and have whatever they want done to it, we have an 80's chevy(350 powered) van and so far we got a lift, 35's, stacks with 4" tubing hahaha, oil in the windshield wiper tank to spray on the headers for smoke...
  8. goodie85

    no more ranger.....

    well this weekend i head off to pick up a 2001 f250 7.3 with only 67,000 miles....the ranger will still be around but as some of you know my brother got a ranger and im selling the 5.0 to him....this fall a cummins swap might be a possibility though....i cant thank Jim or anyone that has helped...
  9. goodie85

    what i did this weekend.....check it out photos included

    started to sand and make the running boards for my boat trailer then i painted my trailer with 3 coats of epoxy primer then 3 coats of auger industrial paint that shrinks when it dries....you literally need a hammer to make it come off then me and a couple buddies went and played behind my...
  10. goodie85

    2003 ranger 4x4 light question

    Tail lights,dash lights,fog lights all quit at the same time...even with switches on...fuses are good grounds are good, and just trying to figure out what else it could be...this is not my truck its a buddies....thanks in advance
  11. goodie85

    thinkin about another swap?

    i watched the youtube videos of the 4 cylinder cummins and i WANT ONE anyone know where the heck to find a complete one with all the computer and hardware? i know i can fabricate alot but the computer i dont think i could.... any info is awesome thanks in advanced
  12. goodie85

    a good laugh

    figured us ranger/ford lovers would get a kick outta this...it made me laugh a couple times Q: How do you double the value of a Chevy? A: Put gas in it. Q: How is a golf ball different from a Chevy? A: You can drive a golf ball 200 yards. Q: Why are there sidewalks beside streets? A: So...
  13. goodie85

    brother just got a 3.slow

    i told him to do a 5.0 swap like i did but he dont wanna listen to me and he wants to know what else he could do to the 3.0 to make a little more snappy than stock without spending a bunch of money of gears.....hes a tighta$$.........but still pretty open on doing things so whats there all to do...
  14. goodie85

    can someone help?

    i ordered LED's for my gauges miniture wedge 194's they dont even come close to fitting can someone post up what bulbs i do need also if possible post a site of exactly what i need
  15. goodie85

    what tires can i fit now.....and other goodies

    i blacked everything i possibly could on my truck, and then cranked my torsion bars an inch and a half. Now im curious on if ill be able to fir 265's. Im also wondering on what wheels to buy....ill post pics of my truck then you guys could tell me a rim you think would look good....im thinkin...
  16. goodie85

    started going to the gym, need advice

    DONT EVER USE CREATINE.......EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after 3 months of using that a kid on my hockey team had to take mustard shots before every shift so he wouldnt cramp up. then once he quit creatine the cramping stopped.....my trainer told me this will happen as well hence the reason i dont...
  17. goodie85

    started going to the gym, need advice

    fully agree if your going for weight loss you might as well train to turn it into muscle....and since you do bike you shouldnt really need to work on the legs what you really need to work on is breathing and lung endurance...also remember (i was told this by my hockey coach and i play for...
  18. goodie85

    just want to say thank you to the ranger station

    Alright so I got to thinkin, i have used the tech library and you guys for everything i dont know with these rangers i appreciate the help, this site is such an outstanding tool for these vehicles. Thanks Ranger Station Members
  19. goodie85

    need help quick with 4x4

    can someone explain to me how the factory hubs on a 99 ford ranger work? i seem to be having issues with the hubs engaging, they seem to not lock, just need someone to explain exactly how the magnetic hubs work? hubs dont seem to lock and ive cleaned like told and they seem to not work i know...
  20. goodie85

    need some help with my heater

    My heater will only work on high:icon_confused:.....but if im driving and ill turn it down to low or the 2-3 click it will sometimes work?.....im thinking its that actuator but before i tear it apart i want your guys' opinions winter is just around the corner it seems your either freezing or...

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