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  1. StephenLewis

    Won't stay in 4 Hi

    I have an electric case that I shift by twisting the selector where the shift motor once bolted up. This worked for several years but now it will not stay in 4hi. It shifts itself into somewhere between gears leaving my truck unmotivated untill I crawl up under it and shift it into 2 or...
  2. StephenLewis

    U joint confusion

    My carrier bearing it toast and I'm lookin at throwing a one piece shaft in there just as an opportunity to upgrade. I have the stock transfer case and rear end. Would the new driveshaft use the same size u joints or would I need a conversion joint?
  3. StephenLewis

    What Radiator to use?

    I got a 92 ranger 4x4 with a 2.9. The darn thing overheats if I do anything other than normal stop and go. Is there a bigger radiadator out of a RBV that will bolt right in?