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  1. 1985 2.3L EFI Delete Mechanical Fuel Pump

    I've been working on a 49 Willys that I'm swapping an 85 2.3L into. With the EFI delete comes the need for a new fuel pump. I've tried a couple of different mechanical fuel pumps from different year Rangers and Mustangs none seem to work with the lobe on the 1985 auxiliary shaft. It looks...
  2. 1984 2.3l Alternator Bracket Photo

    Can someone please provide me a good photo of the front of an 84 2.3l motor? I'm rebuilding a 1985 2.3l, but I'm deleting the fuel injection, AC and Power steering. Trying to figure out how the 84 alternator mounted up. Thanks in advance!
  3. Which Cylinder Head To Use

    I am building a 2.3l motor for my 1949 Willys CJ3-A and have two different heads for the motor. One came off of a 1985 Ranger and the other off of a 1996 Ranger. Is one capable of producing more low end power than the other? The block is an 85 Ranger 2.3l. I'm a total newbie at motor work...
  4. Is this a balance weight?

    I'm tearing apart a 1985 Ford 2.3l to put in my Willy's CJ3-A and when I was turning the motor over on the stand, this fell out. Does anyone have any idea where it goes? I've tried to mate it up to the crankshaft and to the rods but haven't had any luck. All help is appreciated.