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  1. For Sale FS- 4.0 & auto trans from 95 2wd Ranger Western NC

    Engine and transmission from 2wd 95 Ford Ranger. Has ~225k miles on it, but was running well when I removed it several years ago. This belonged to a close friend, so I am familiar with how it was maintained. Has been stored outdoors, but out of the weather. Computer is included. Was going to use...
  2. Rear brakes locking up.

    I'm trying to help a buddy with his 95 Ranger. It is a 4.0, 2WD, extended cab, with automatic transmission and about 260,000 miles on the clock. At low speeds, like in a parking lot or slowing to a stop, the rear brakes will sometimes lock up briefly. There is no light coming on in the...

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