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  1. dual gas tank ranger? is it rare?

    My 83 longbox had a 17 gallon front and 13 gallon rear. When I had the 2.8 liter I could go 600 miles on the highway. It was great and it really was nice when I went to the 302. Then the control valve went out and I couldn't replace it so I tied the tanks together and pulled from both. I had to...
  2. Work In Progress

    The holes for bolting the fenders on don't line you would have to do some modifying to do what you are contaplating
  3. 2009 Airbag Light Issues

    There is a recall on airbags in rangers I know my 2010 is in the recall your 2009 might be covered as well
  4. Fixing up 'Grandpa Gold' 1991 Ranger 4x4

    My 88 had the same issue I blamed after market lights wired to the circuit. I replaced the connecter and my switch it had same issue. LMC makes a relay kit that takes the load off the switch. I haven't tried it but but it looks like a good way to keep it from happening again. Good Luck with the...
  5. '85 Bronco II Paint & Body Thread

    Painting outside in the sun will definitely have the effect you have been describing. The door jams are out of the sun (cooler) and the panels in the sun warm up fast. Do you have any way to at least have a cover so you don't have direct sun. Any wind will want to mess up the pattern and make...
  6. '85 Bronco II Paint & Body Thread

    Check the manufacture temp rating for hardner and reducers to help control drying to fast or to slow
  7. '85 Bronco II Paint & Body Thread

    try a test panel and slow your pace it will feel like its almost ready to run
  8. '85 Bronco II Paint & Body Thread

    If thats single stage paint it looks like you were moving to fast possibly. Did you check the air pressure at the tip?
  9. Picked up some stock aluminum wheels

    I do not believe the buttons can be removed.
  10. '85 Ranger Restomod

    You could weld in a receiver hitch and where you have that angle iron crossmember
  11. camber issues

    Did you try to have the front end aligned? Are using adjustable ecentrics? So many questions
  12. Fuel tank continued

    autozone has 2 different ones listed online not sure of the difference for 1992 ranger
  13. Gas tank leak

    There are still some salvage yards that have used tanks if you do an internet search its probably a 17 or 19 gallon tank. LMC has new straps if they are needed I think someone mentioned finding a company that sells new as well. The engine size won't matter but I would put in a new pump and...
  14. '86 STX intermittent wiper not working

    some years it is in the harness I think my 88 is like that
  15. '86 STX intermittent wiper not working

    Thats what it was on my 83 but good luck finding one they seem to be almost year specific
  16. Broken coil spacer and tired springs. What would you do?

    Check that alignment The bearings on D28 don't like misalignment and 31inch tires
  17. Broken coil spacer and tired springs. What would you do?

    The ones on my d35 are same as the ones on my d28 so 83 to 97 ranger explorer at least you can still get the isolator via lmc
  18. Broken coil spacer and tired springs. What would you do?

    skyjacker 132x on a 83 long box 4x4 gave me 1.5 inches I added a .5 inch steal washer spacer and have a total of 2 inches increase in height
  19. '85 Ranger Restomod

    i got welder been think of buying a bender. The only difference between boys and men is the cost of their toys or last one with the most toys wins
  20. '85 Ranger Restomod

    make a couple of them and sell a few to recoup some money

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