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  1. Dash bezel swap from a 89-92 to a 93/94

    I thought the 88 revision was body and interior and not considered a generational shift until 93. Might be wrong.
  2. Dash bezel swap from a 89-92 to a 93/94

    Would a wood dash bezel from a first generation facelight (89-92) fit in a 93/94? I like the wood/pinstripe option of the pre 93 dashes. The interior of the 93/94 is extremely similar to the 89-92 but I know they changed the whole body of the 93/94 so not sure if it would fit.
  3. New 93 owner

    Just bought a black 93 Ranger Splash 4x4 4.0 auto. it's near bone stock, has a light bar on the front, a white canopy on the back, altezza style tail and headlights some good A/T tires, A/M wheels and a new radio. Intend to build a 3 way+ sub sound system, upgrade the engine and probably the...

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