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  1. Automatic tranny cooling line leaking at radiator

    Thanks Rowdy for your reply. I took the truck to a shop to look at. They have been looking at the radiator not the connection fittings. Fittings all seem to be dry, which I did note at first but thought it was leaking back through the threads of the connection fittings-since it was a new...
  2. Automatic tranny cooling line leaking at radiator

    I have a 1990 Ranger xlt 2.9 automatic 4x4. I just noticed a leak where the cooling line for the tranny goes into the top of the radiator. I've included pictures, you can see the wetness on the black plastic side of the radiator. The connection is tight and secure, and a new radiator was...
  3. Arm rest 1990 xlt

    Anyone have access to a 1990 xlt arm rest-it attaches to the 60 drivers side of the 40/60 seat. Seems to be just the hard foam with a zippered cover. No compartment or lid. I have seen one at a local wrecking yard but I can't remove it from the seat. The bolt holding it seems to be rusted over...
  4. Source for washers and adjusting nut on 1990 Ranger

    Thanks all for the replies, I was sure I was screwed trying to find specialty washers. Makes me feel a little better, I probably would have checked the auto part stores eventually.
  5. Source for washers and adjusting nut on 1990 Ranger

    I have a 1990 xlt 4x4 2.9 engine. Other than wrecking yards, is there a place to buy the set of washers that go on the spindle and the nut holding the rotor on. I've been cleaning and repacking the front wheel bearings. Did the drivers side and everything came off very easy. However, on the...
  6. Wheel Size on 1990 xlt 4x4

    Thanks RonD!
  7. Wheel Size on 1990 xlt 4x4

    I have gone through several pages of posts relating to my question as well as some online tire size comparison sites. All coming to the conclusion that I can use the following tire sizes on a 1990 xlt 4x4 without the tires rubbing or mis-fitting. Either of the three sizes will work: 215-75-R15...
  8. 1990 xlt tune up question

    Thanks All!
  9. 1990 xlt tune up question

    Thank You RonD
  10. 1990 xlt tune up question

    Hello, I just acquired at 1990 Ranger 4x4. I want to give it a tune up. Runs ok, but seems to have a minor miss. I'm replacing the spark plugs and wires. What do you all suggest for a brand of plugs and wires. Any other suggestions for tune up as well. Its a 2.9 engine.

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