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    F250 vs F150 D44 TTB

    but aren't there more locker options and stuff for a D44 center section vs/ D50 center section?

    Need Some Help!!!!

    okay, I've got a line on a major deal. One of the jeep guys I know is selling is his wife's 97 Explorer. Here's the ad C & P'ed from the other board. "Selling my wifes explorer shes got a new car on the way (08 HHR) so it's gotta go The ford has 220,000 km on it and it runs like a top. light...


    so, one of the things my Bronco II needs to be safetied is a windshield. I called two local places, one was $200 installed, one was $220...that sound about right? I need mostly body work and a windshield, then I can at least drive the thing...

    A Ranger question....

    I was thinking tonight. For those who have swapped 63" chevy leaves (88-98) into their ranger (yes, I realize it means moving the front hangers forward, like, 5-6") how much lift did it give you, and did you keep the factory lift block? Just thinking out loud....

    Ford 8.0 inch rear axle

    FYI, "1BadB2" on the old forum had a spooled one in his old setup BII...

    Brand Spankin New!

    Hasn't even been to the dealership yet! lol...08 Ranger, 2.3, 5 speed auto, 4.10's, 2wd, midnight blue. Nice truck, but I'd go for a 4x4 (obviously) instead of a 4x2....priced out at $18k Canadian. Picked it up at the railhead in Cheektowaga, NY.... Also....saw this at one of the dealership's...

    94 Ranger FT, Axle Swap

    it must be a wagoneer or YJ axle if it's leaf sprung.

    officially a P.I.M.P...

    lol...sorry for the crappy pic, I took in on my cell....this bad boy was one of 7 units in my load last night: if you've never seen, or sat in/drove one of these things in person, you're missing out. One, pics don't do it justice. Two, They are HUGE. I also had a 2500 GMC cargo van, it's...

    Dana 44 TTB in a RBV

    -I will be changing gears. So, it would just be easier to bolt a different yoke on in the process? -chances are i'll use the D44 arms then, and make/get made some custom mounts. -Yea, it'll be going in my BII. as for the weight, whatever it weighs now, plus the weight of a winch...

    Dana 44 TTB in a RBV

    well. See....hmmmm let's clear the plate. I'm seriously thinking about doing this. Reason being, I can get a complete Dana 44 TTB setup for $40. Now that I've got that out... -I'd like to bolt the beams in the stock pivots. I'd need to trim like, what, 1/2" to 1" off the middle shaft where it...

    Dana 44 TTB in a RBV

    hmmm...I wonder if the F-150/FSB linkage would fit the stock RBV pitman arm... was it hard to seat the RBV coils on the D44 TTB?

    Dana 44 TTB in a RBV

    lol...I was at work, driving down the highway tonight, thinking about that, when suddenly, I was like "wait a minute...*thinking* oh hell, that's right...he's gonna think i'm an idiot now..." Did you use fullsize linkage on your ranger? what did you have to do the to driveshaft? did you keep...

    Dana 44 TTB in a RBV

    junkie, i'm confused. How would, if the TTB Dana 44 pivot points in an F-150 are 2" narrower, would you need to shorten the middle shafts? Wouldn't they need to be lengthed? Or is the RBV TTB pivot points 2" narrower, hence the need to narrow the middle shafts..... I'm somewhat confused...

    Need help!!!! Brain Fart!!!

    Okay, I just came across a posting on my local Jeep message board (I know, but in defence, you can find some good stuff in the for sale sections, and they know the local trails...) One of the users got an 82 Fullsize Bronco. He's keeping the 5.0, auto tranny, and rear 9", but the rest he's...

    F-250 Ttb

    Front: And more importantly, back: There's also pics on pirate of a guy trying rear TTB on a ranger. If memory serves me, it was "StRanger"

    F-250 Ttb

    I found those pictures now, if your still interested..

    8.8 Q

    so I picked up my 8.8 last night (woot) and I've got a quick question. What diameter ar ethe axle tubes? Reason i'm asking is, my buddy has a pair of rubicon express (I believe) spring perches he's willing to give me, I just want to make sure they are the right fit.

    to those who have bedlined....

    how much did you need? I'm looking at getting a herculiner kit, and I want to do the interior of my BII (take out carpet, clean up little interior floor rust, line it), and after I get body work done, I'm planning on doing the whole exterior. Any idea how much you think it'll take? I can get a...

    Dana 44 TTB in a RBV

    nice post. I hate to admit this, but I was thinking about doing that EXACT same thing. TTB 44 front and Explorer 8.8 rear with adapters. I was quietly researching it, but if I do it, it'll depend on if I can find a TTB 44 cheaper than a D35...

    so...the bug body + BII thread got me thinking...

    oh yes, the gears are turning, are we in trouble now...lol.. so, I was thinking about something. I was thinking about the state of my BII's body, as it's alittle rough, as some are. I'm working on fixing all of it, but I had a thought before that suddenly came back to me. try and stay with me...

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