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  1. Pinion Nut Won't Stay Tight (8.8 Rear Diff)

    Thanks to everyone for the info on this. Have been replacing the seal and reusing the nut without issue on several other vehicles but this is the 1st one causing problems. Haven't been pulling the carrier to set preload so torque is likely not 100%, but there's only so much I can do on the...
  2. Pinion Nut Won't Stay Tight (8.8 Rear Diff)

    2003 FX4 Level 2 with 8.8, 31 spline rear diff. having trouble with the pinion nut backing out. Almost looks like oil is running past the threads of the nut causing it to come loose (?) Tried putting black RTV on the pinion threads and back of nut before torquing down, Worked for a short time...
  3. How do you heat your garage come winter time?

    I've been heating my garage with Biden approved unicorn farts. Works like crap :(
  4. thermostat housing bolt

    I used threaded rod cut to length with a nut on the end
  5. Bad shake at highway speed

    Is this a 4WD? If yes then remove the rear drive shaft and take it for a run in 4wd. Did the shake disappear? If it's still there then install the rear shaft and remove the front one. If the shake is still there then save your cash, it's not a driveshaft.
  6. 2.3L ('83-'97) Stumped... odd cry for help

    After reading post #15 I'm confused too. Just how big are these hills anyway?? Sounds like the timing belt may have jumped a tooth or broke. Check your cam timing. Change your belt
  7. Ready to Swap my 2003 2.3L for a V8.

    We are talking about vehicles that are approaching 20 years old. Some are newer some are older. The point is at what age is it considered a classic. Are classic vehicles subject to the same rules as regular cars?
  8. 2006 3.0 L Vulcan New Motor

    The Vulcan might not have as much power but it's WAY cheaper and easier to work on than the 4.0 SOHC. I'm doing the chain guides in my SOHC. Had to pull the engine and has way to many TTY specialty bolts. IMHO Vulcan is so much easier... That or a 5.0. Did a 5.0 in my other truck (Had a 4.0...
  9. Are 2001 4.0 SOHC Flexplate to Crank bolt TTY?

    Thanks for the info. Going 52 ft/lbs & Locktite. Wish me luck!
  10. Are 2001 4.0 SOHC Flexplate to Crank bolt TTY?

    Not sure if E7RY-6A340-B are the right ones. These look to be standard hex heads and might be for the OHV. Originals are E12 Torx (Looked it up and E7RY-6A340-B looks to be the harmonic balancer bolt)
  11. Are 2001 4.0 SOHC Flexplate to Crank bolt TTY?

    That's good news New bolts are around $80 and 10 days out Thanks for the quick reply :)
  12. Are 2001 4.0 SOHC Flexplate to Crank bolt TTY?

    Was looking up torque values for flexplate to crank bolts for the 4.0 SOHC and am getting mixed results from multiple sources. Some sources say they are TTY and some say they are reusable. 96 - 00 Explorer Workshop manual says Stage 1: Tighten to 13 Nm (10 lb-ft). Stage 2: Tighten to 71 Nm...
  13. Explorer knuckle to ranger swap?

    I was looking at doing the exact same thing when v8 swapping from a 2001 Expo. I stopped because it looks like some parts are different from 2001 Ranger 4x4 and 2001 Expo. Main reason I was looking to swap was because I wanted the Expo torsion bars to go with the 5.0. Everything "looks" the...
  14. 4.0 SOHC Chain Guide Part Numbers?

    Here's what I've got so far with approximate pricing but not sure if they are right. Can anyone confirm that these are correct for 2001 4.0 SOHC 4x4? F77Z-6K297-BC===$19====Ballance Shaft 1L2Z-6L266-AA====$30====Ballance Shaft Tensioner (Lower Right) 2L2Z-6K297-AA ===$21====Chain Guide...
  15. 4.0 SOHC Chain Guide Part Numbers?

    So I'm pulling the engine from the truck and while I have it out I'm looking to replace all the chain guides. Problem is all I can find is the complete cassettes with chain and sprockets. I know they were available at one time and were way less than a complete cassette. Engine is 4.0 SOHC 2001...
  16. Part Numbers for 4.0 SOHC Chain Guides & Tensioners

    Got the 4.0 SOHC out of my 2001 Ranger 4x4 and am looking to replace the chain guides while I have it out. Not replacing the chains or sprockets but just the guides for the Cams, Ballance and Jackshaft. Does anyone have the Ford part #s for all the chain guides, tensioners, and nylon parts in...
  17. 5.0 Swap PATS Issue (2007 Ranger)

    Thanks for the info and drawings. Gives me a place to start. Next question was going to be about the odometer reading but looks like you've already answered that. Thanks Again
  18. 5.0 Swap PATS Issue (2007 Ranger)

    Have completed the 5.0 engine swap from a 2001 Explorer into a 2007 Ranger. All the mechanical bolted up OK but am having trouble with PATS. Does anyone have any pointers on how to get the 2007 Ranger body harness & Keys to work with the 2001 Expo engine harness and ECU? Done allot of...
  19. Steering Wheel & Airbag Swap

    Gotta replace the steering wheel on my 03 XLT and am wanting to swap in another style wheel with it's matching airbag. Wanting to go for a wheel from an 04+ Ranger or an 02+ Explorer. What year airbags are compatible with the 03 Ranger Airbag system?
  20. Howdy

    Just got an account and thought I'd say Hey Looking forward to spending time on the forum with my 03 Twin Stick Ranger Cheers!

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