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  1. Sumo Springs for rear

    Have a look: https://www.supersprings.com/shop/ssr-113-40/
  2. Sumo Springs for rear

    Has anyone used Sumo Springs to replace the rear axle bump stops? If so, what's your opinion of them? Have a look: https://www.supersprings.com/shop/ssr-113-40/
  3. For Sale SumoSprings Rear for Ford Ranger

    I bought these for my 09 XLT. They won't fit with my Air Lift springs. It's a pair to replace the stock bump stops. I paid over $200 for them and can't find them on the web for under $200. They are brand spanking new in the box. I'll let them go for $120 including shipping. You can check...
  4. leveling kit

    I've got a 09 XLT 4x4. I had a 2" leveling kit installed and now when I go around a curve that's bumpy, it feels like I'm momentarily losing traction. Somewhat like hitting some black ice. Anyone have any idea what could be causing this? astults

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