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  1. Which 4.0 engine is preferred, the OHV or the SOHC?

    Or if you want to go up a hill.
  2. Wanted WTB stepside camper

    The Ranger flareside went out of production during the 04 model year, it was originally an extra cost option but I got the one I ordered for no extra because production was ending. I wouldn't be too surprised if flareside caps went out of production years ago, too. Some aluminum cap companies...
  3. Local Ford dealer tried to stick it to me.

    I've never bought a vehicle as a retail customer and I'll probably get throw out of the place when I try. Before Blue Oval brought the D plan, my dealer sold cars to employees at cost and I would sell my own instead of trading. The one time I traded, I looked up the trade in value in NADA.com...
  4. Ranger v8 swap and explorer questions

    One of my former techs had a pretty stout 302 in his 12 second 70 Mustang. After his experiment with nitrous blew pieces of the #8 piston into all the other cylinders, he pulled the nitrous and built up the 460 from the F250 he towed with. Be careful and do not use a vacuum secondary carb with...
  5. No Red line on tach

    I liked the 3.0 in Tauruses after the first 2 years. The 86's were prone to piston slap, especially when driven a bunch of low speed short trips, which was fixed with hypereutectic pistons. The 87's didn't knock but the off shore head bolts often broke. It worked poorly in Windstars in the New...
  6. Ranger v8 swap and explorer questions

    I alos wouldn't put nitrous on an engine with cast pistons. Your cam sound like one Summit sells, if so, it has 204/214 duration at .050(advertised duration is almost meaningless) on a 112 lobe separation and should make decent power from about 1500-4500 or so. The P heads should also work good...
  7. Rag Joint Question

    Sometimes it just takes another set of eyes, don't feel bad.
  8. Rag Joint Question

    Loosen up the pinch bolt on the upper flange and tap it down a little. In the pictures it looks to be a little further on the shaft than it was before.
  9. Recommendations for Mustang (10.5"/10 spline) clutches?

    I have a Centerforce Gold clutch in my Mustang and like it. When I was drag racing I ran a Centerforce dual friction clutch but the Gold has less pedal pressure. Do you need the grip of a racing clutch enough to tolerate high pedal pressure? I would insist on a pilot bearing, not a bushing and...
  10. Which 4.0 engine is preferred, the OHV or the SOHC?

    I worked at a dealer from 1975 through 2017, so, all the years both engines were used. I bought 2 new Rangers with 4.0 sohc's even though I didn't like the engine- the OHV wasn't in production then and the 3.0 was too gutless. I would have liked the option of ordering an OHV given a choice, I've...
  11. Tips on c5 valve body removal?

    A used one is going to be at least 35 years old, I wouldn't go that way. If you pull it yourself, make sure to thoroughly blow out the cooling lines and cooler. Did you verify the fluid level before pulling the pan? If you get it rebuilt, I'd find a reputable independent shop and avoid chains...
  12. Tips on c5 valve body removal?

    There is a spring loaded accumulator that will fall out when you pull the filter but no additional ones above the valve body. I wouldn't recommend taking it out unless you know what you're doing and have an inch pound torque wrench to reinstall it with, though. If you pull the pan and find any...
  13. Gasoline Alley

    It was $3.35 yesterday here. The news was raving about the national average of $3.33 being$.40 cheaper than a year ago. They didn't mention that it was barely over $2.00 2 1/2 years ago, though.
  14. Which limited slip is best?

    Guys, it's Traction Lok, not Trac-lok. I have an Auburn Pro in my Mustang and it worked great when I was drag racing, it has 140 lbs of breakaway torque so it drags one wheel when turning on dirt and gets hairy driving in the rain. It also sheds metal particles into the lube so I chnge it...
  15. What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    I inflate the tires to the max 44 psi during winter storage and run 35 psi when driving it. The hope is that the tires will flat spot a little less while sitting. The hose blowing off wasn't related to the tire pressure, I was inflating the left front tire when the hose popped so I was able to...
  16. What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    I changed the oil on my Ranger today and was over inflating the tires when I heard a pop, followed by oil leaking. I shut it off and mopped up the pond of oil. It looks like a hose blew off my remote oil filter mount, if that happened while I was driving the engine would have been toast before I...
  17. Toyota's New IMV O Pickup for about $10, 000

    I do too, they lasted about 2 years in New England before the floors and quarters rusted through.
  18. C4 Bellhousings

    A Mustang II used a 140 tooth ring gear becuase the bell is slightly smaller diameter to fit under the floor. Make sure your oil pan is narrow enough to allow the starter to bolt up before installing it. I was originally going to use a Mustang II bell housing, flex plate and convertor behind the...
  19. Cat Shields

    I'd get a thin piece of galvanized steel and make a new shield- maybe cut a piece of hardware store stovepipe. I've seen cats get hot enough to set carpets on fire and it's easier to make a shield than to replace a truck.
  20. Auto trans issue after carb/ignition swap

    I did all our automatic transmissions from the late 70's through 1982 and never replaced one of those valves. If you wait a few weeks,any rubber that was expposed to ATF will swell up like a ballon.

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