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  1. Proper procedure for replacing the front brake rotors on a 1997 ford ranger 2wd and just rear wheel ABS

    Torque specs? Really? Tight enough that it doesn't wobble but loose enough that it spins freely.:ROFLMAO:
  2. Cam Suggestions

    Get the 258. It os an excellent cam with really good low & mid range power. No springs needed if you aren't racing it.
  3. Xe258hr-12 vs Xe258hr-14

    I ran the bigger of the 2 years ago in my mustang. Very good cam for stock to "mildly" modded 5.0s. Mine had ported stock heads, demon 650 carb on an rpm air gap intake. This cam was alot faster than the E-303 & the X-303 by a bunch. Low & mid range power were much better. My car had 3.55 gears...
  4. Car audio brands- what's junk, whats good enough?

    I just got some new speakers & a small amp for the old 94 chevy work truck from ebay. 4 skar audio 4x6 speakers & a taramps 100 watt mini amp was about $90. They sound really good for the price. I have gone wayyy overboard on the ranger sound system tho. I am up to 5 amps & 13 speakers so far. I...
  5. Help with amplifier install

    I wouldn't be hooking that amp to any small speakers. If you do, turn the gain way down & the bass boost off, or you'll blow the speakers. What kind of amp is that? It appears to be 3000 watts rms, not 400.
  6. LED bulbs suck

    Hmmmm, i have about 50 warm white incandescent bulbs laying around.....
  7. EV`s have more issues than ice vehicles

    The infrastructure is not yet in place to support the ev market. I dont think they did enough research into charging stations for them. And now they are way behind. Not to mention the price to charge. Seems that the charging stations are higher than gas at this point. They should have just left...
  8. Disc brake conversion questions

    It isn't when you are trying to maximize profit. But theres nothing wrong with a pad change if everything is in working order.
  9. For Sale 95-97 Ranger 12" Brake Upgrade

    Do you still have these??
  10. Adaptable Transmission for a 3.0

    So can i put a t5 in my 97 3.0?
  11. Upgraded replacement parts

    As far as the rad goes, you can get an all aluminum 3 core from ebay for about the same price as a factory replacement. I think i paid $150 for mine shipped.
  12. Adaptable Transmission for a 3.0

    Straight piped chevy? You are beyond help. I dont understand the "make it sound like a garbage truck" mentality. Put a 2.5 X pipe & some flowmasters on that thing.
  13. 3.0l Vulcan race build

    Good luck. Tom Moreno racing engines is the only place i know of currently & their prices are high. But they do have pistons, stroker cranks, custom cams, springs & roller rockers, ported heads & intakes.
  14. Anyone using 16x8 wheels?

    I have 01 mustang 16x8 "cobra" wheels on my 97 2wd with 245 50 on all 4. Fits fine with no rubbing.
  15. Exhaust gasket (donut)

    Its probably leaking at the cat flange. They are prone to leaks there. Often will rust out there too.
  16. 351W timing set question

    Get an adjustable timing set from cloyes. Advance the cam 4*. Its simple to do. It has marked keyways on it. Advancing helps low end. Retarding helps higher end.
  17. Looking for a few more HP on a 3.0 vulcan engine

    Drivability is why they do it. Peak hp isn't /wasn't a concern for the 3.0, low end torque was. So yes they would sacrifice one for the other.
  18. Wanted 94-97 fog light brackets

    Still looking for fog light brackets. I have the lights & the valence. I don't know if its a joke or what, but in the past, ive had 3 different people pm me saying they had them & then never answer me back.
  19. Looking for a few more HP on a 3.0 vulcan engine

    I also got rid of the silencer on the end of the intake pipe where it goes thru the inner fender & opened the end of the filter box as much as i could & put in a k&n filter.

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