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  1. 97RangerXLT

    Piece of Shit (POS) Of The Month Contest

    Now for the real nomination, the guy who had a homeless man offer him 10 bucks after seeing his truck saying he needed the money more... I nominate @bobbywalter and Unforgiven. while these pics are a few years old... I think they are good for the nomination :) AJ
  2. 97RangerXLT

    Piece of Shit (POS) Of The Month Contest

    With all the wheel bearing and brake issues, mine could probably fit the bill lol It is holding down the driveway nicely, dealing clearcoat and all
  3. 97RangerXLT

    TRS Word Association Game

    Murphys Law
  4. 97RangerXLT

    What Are You Listening To???

  5. 97RangerXLT

    TRS Word Association Game

  6. 97RangerXLT

    Sweet off road/camping rig...

    @Jim Oaks could this be the standard for the Vagabonds? AJ
  7. 97RangerXLT

    What Are You Listening To???

  8. 97RangerXLT

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great, good food and good friends and family AJ
  9. 97RangerXLT

    Truck of The Month / Year - 2024

    Probably with a scavenger hunt trophy on the tailgate.. AJ
  10. 97RangerXLT

    What did YOU do today?

    Usually 3 or 4. This year was 4, the Eagles concert was a last minute decision that my sister did and she bought the tickets. For this year we did Metallica in St Louis a few weeks ago, Bryan Adam's in Nashville in June, and John Mellencamp in Louisville in April. The bonus part for all of...
  11. 97RangerXLT

    What did YOU do today?

    Well, Tuesday I went to the Doobie Brithers/ Eagles concert in Lexington KY. Parts for the impending brake job came in while I was away. BTW, the concert was great, probably the best one I have been to. Drugs and years have not been kind to Joe Walsh, but he can still rock. AJ
  12. 97RangerXLT

    Roof Top Tent or Ground Tent

    while I have not had any experience with a rooftop tent, I can see the logistics of taking one out on the trail would be a bit of a strain, for the reasons 85 mentioned above. as I get older, I am wanting a tent I can stand up in and I really like the Giselle 90 second set up. Another for...
  13. 97RangerXLT

    25-Years of TRS. What's Next?

    I think you are doing great with the site Jim. As much as I love my 97, I do think that a shift in focus to the '19 + years will keep it relevant. The newest of the old style Rangers is pushing 13 years old and are starting to get scrapped. Keep pressing vendors for new products for the...
  14. 97RangerXLT

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Looked a bit deeper into the brake light on the dash... sucked out the old brake fluid (it was dang near black) put in new and bled it. Light is still on. My next thought is the mastercylinder is going out. Brakes still feel good. So I am certain that with all the rust on the brake lines...
  15. 97RangerXLT

    Texas Sampler

    Looks like you had a good time. So were you able to wheel your Bronco, or just the red o e? I like that red one.. AJ
  16. 97RangerXLT


    Yep I have used RA a few times since 2008. My experience has been good, but as mentioned you have to really watch your shipping costs when ordering multiple items. I try to keep it down to 2 shipping routes if I can. For other parts I have used Amazon ( be carefully and know what you are...
  17. 97RangerXLT


    @Uncle Gump saw this at the Hamilton County Hazardous waste drop off right before the trail ride
  18. 97RangerXLT

    1957 Spartan Imperial Mansion - Dream House

    That looks to be beautifully restored and updated. Now all you need is a 1957 Ford truck with a modern f350 power tain in it to tow it AJ
  19. 97RangerXLT


    I think I drew this in Kindergarten....
  20. 97RangerXLT


    I also did change the oil after driving it with seafoam in it for 170 miles. One thing to consider if any of the engine gaskets are marginal, this will clean out enough gunk to make them leak... AJ

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