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  1. rfl

    Skyjacker 236RHKS-AN rear spring/u-bolt

    I was either given the wrong kit (something other than the 236RHKS-AN), or they just gave me the wrong u-bolts, or the truck does not have the original rear axle, or I hit my head one to many times. Regardless, I am stuck. The u-bolts that came with the kit are 10" long and for a 3-3/4"...
  2. rfl

    Question: Skyjacker Class II - radius arm bracket

    We are prepping the '93 for the lift, prior to the kit arriving. The instructions say "remove the original radius arm frame brackets and remove from front axle housings." Are they saying the radius crossmember that the rear (bushing side) of the radius arm bolts to gets removed from the frame...
  3. rfl

    Replace roll pin in a 35 TTB with a bolt - Anyone?

    Circumstances beyond my control have dictated that I replace the roll (cross, drift, whatever) pin in a 35 TTB. I am not sure of the exact sequence, but it looks like someone tried to put a bolt in instead of the pin without tapping or helicoil (juts a large bolt), broke the bolt, tried to take...
  4. rfl

    What else do we need to buy?

    Going to have my son's '93 standard cab long bed lifted. Decided to go with the Skyjacker 6" 236RHKS-AN (http://skyjacker.com/product.php?ProdID=30565). I also ordered a single steering stabilizer, cams for the alignment, brake line extensions, and manual hubs. Will be running 33/12.50R15's on...
  5. rfl

    Bearing, Hub or something else?

    Son's 1993 Ranger 4x4. I had the brakes replaced (everything except lines and MC) about 3k miles ago. I had them repack the 10k mile old bearing while they were at it. I took it for a short drive down the block today and noticed a wonderful 'rubbing' sound coming from the front. Gets worse...
  6. rfl

    How hard to remove alxe bearings?

    One of the rear axle seals ('93 4x4, 8.8") puked all over my sons new brakes so I am going to change out both seals tomorrow. The question is, typically how hard is it to get the bearings out - are we talking a tens of blows with a blind bearing puller, or heat and chisel? If they are not too...
  7. rfl

    Voltage guage low, battery/alternator NEW

    I have read a bunch of posts on this topic. Some seem to discuss specific things that may or may not be related to a '93 Ranger (like a fuseable link off the engine compartment fuse box?) so I am posting in hopes that someone can narrow down the troubleshooting to this year truck. The issue...
  8. rfl

    Prevent melted clutch line (hose)

    We melted the clutch line (or hose, depending on who you ask) on the '93 4.0. The line was nearly new and properly routed, but the truck does have headers. Far as I can tell, the flange from the header to Y pipe is just too close for the stock setup. Rather than buy a new line I though Evco...
  9. rfl

    (Long Post) Project Redneck XLT - done

    I picked up a '93 Ranger XLT 4x4 long bed in March of '09 to drag dirt bikes back and forth to the desert. I paid $1,900 for a green thing complete with some nasty dents on the passenger side and one heck of an oil leak (likely several that eventually tied together). Still, the engine ran fine...
  10. rfl

    Electrical - please tell me this is an easy fix

    '93 Ranger. After turning on the on the brights (not flash to pass) the wipers and the washers come on and stayed on. Even if the vehicle is turned off then back on they come back on. The washer pressure is unreal making me believe it is getting more power than it should - talking hitting some...
  11. rfl

    what the tick!?!

    Dropped in a remanufactured 4.0 (directly from Ford) in a '93 Ranger. Primed the oil, fires up without hesitation (after priming fuel). Oil pressure is what I would consider excellent at all times. Engine has a loud tick. Best I can tell it is the valve train - using the pipe method, the noise...
  12. rfl

    yet another 'name that' - mount?

    When we pulled the engine out of a '93 Ranger 4.0L 4wd, the driver side block had a bracket above the left motor mount that extended over to the left frame rail. The end of that bracket has a small gas strut that mounts to another bracket on the outer part of the frame rail. 1) What is this gas...
  13. rfl

    '93, 4.0 OHV, best bang for the buck?

    Truck is undergoing a major overhaul that includes a new engine and exhaust. I picked up a set of Headman headers, but I am looking for some input on the remainder of the exhaust. Does going to dual pipes make any difference other than looks? If so, single or dual mufflers, if single, single in...
  14. rfl

    Name that sensor?

    I think this sensor is the oil level sensor (for the dummy light), but I am not having much luck finding a part listing for it - maybe another name? 1993 Ranger, 4.0L. The sensor is in the side of the oil pan, driver side of the engine.
  15. rfl

    '93 4.0 4wd Oil Pan Gasket - Can I just jack up the motor?

    Thinking about replacing the clutch in a '93 Ranger XLT, 4.0., 4wd. Since the transmission will be free, and the oil pan front seal is leaking, ideally I will replace the pan gasket at the same time, but... I am really not in the mood to pull the motor. I have worked on other vehicles that said...
  16. rfl

    Brights won't stay on

    We have the steering column on a '93 Ranger opened up right now to replace the multi-function switch (MFS) and the ignition lock cylinder. The MFS was replaced because the brights would not stay on. More specifically, if you pulled the lever back the brights would come on, but if you pushed them...
  17. rfl

    Cruise AND mechanical speedometer surge

    Been dealing with a bouncing speedometer in a '93 Ranger 4x4, 5 spd, 4.0, since I bought is used about 4 years ago. Every now and then I try something new to see if I can fix the problem, however so far no luck. I got thinking about how the cruise was also surging so figured the next option was...
  18. rfl

    Speedometer cable replacement 93 Ranger

    new guy here.. Have a '93 Ranger 4WD, manual trans. Trying to replace the speedometer cable housing but for the life of me cannot figure out how to remove the old one from the transmission. Trans is still bolted up, so all I can see is the cable housing going into what appears to be a white...

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