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  1. CrabGuy

    What does everyone think about a electric chopper motorcycle :)

    An electric chopper is blasphemy
  2. CrabGuy


    Paint code should be YN/M6505
  3. CrabGuy

    What’s for dinner tonite!

    Made Jagerschnitzel with pomme frites.
  4. CrabGuy

    Truck of The Month / Year - 2024

    Do bone stock clean daily driver trucks qualify?
  5. CrabGuy

    What’s for dinner tonite!

    Made a grilled Teres Major steak, fried taters, and salad. Luckily I was finished before the vet showed up to resuscitate it.
  6. CrabGuy

    What did you do IN/WITH your Ranger Today?

    Tried to vacuum up all of the Jack Russell hair. I swear the OE fabric is like velcro with dog hair. Either that or the hair is barbed and is just difficult to remove. The black lab hair comes right off. I've tried all the usual methods; vac, sticky tape, diluted fabric softener. I wonder if new...
  7. CrabGuy

    Which ford have you owned the longest?

    It would be my E350 I bought new in 2010 and only have 88K on it now. The Ford I put the most miles on was my 63 Econoline camper, I put 230K on it in 3 years in the early 70's on countless road trips surfing in Mexico and all over the west coast. That Ford never broke down even once.
  8. CrabGuy

    Getting My Kicks On Route 66

    It's amazing what you have documented there. I took Rt. 66 on my way to California from Detroit 1970. I love the the early history of mobile America.
  9. CrabGuy

    You are the only mod online right now so I'll try you 1st. I renewed my annual Supporting Member...

    You are the only mod online right now so I'll try you 1st. I renewed my annual Supporting Member on Sept. 29th and it still doesn't show up on my member info. I know PP isn't the quickest to respond after the same thing happened last year. Could you check into this please? Thanks, SRB
  10. CrabGuy

    Hello from Pacific Northwest

    Welcome from the Central Oregon Coast.
  11. CrabGuy

    2007 Red Trailer 4X8 Utility Trailer

    Nice work! You could hide a missile launcher on it. Can you get pressure treated plywood where you live? It's available and a must have on the Oregon coast, but I cant find it locally in Sacramento. My 3-paint coat exterior plywood floors are rotting after only 3 years on mine.
  12. CrabGuy

    For Sale 87 Ranger 4x4

    Not bad for a rust-free California truck. I've seen worse for much more https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/619891566983716/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A6edbbcf2-6382-4067-bea0-a1d96cbfe755
  13. CrabGuy

    Suicidal thoughts...

    I hope you are right. My wife of 51 years passed away just 2 weeks ago after a noble 3 year battle with cancer. I know I never will, or want to, forget our life together but also realize I have to move on. I'll deal with my grief and live out the remainder of my life in a fashion that she would...
  14. CrabGuy

    The "All Cars I Have Had List" Topic

    In order: 57 Chevy 210 Bel Air 64 Mercury Comet Caliente 61 VW 21 Window bus 61 MGA 67 Austin Healy 3000 63 Ford Econoline window van 67 Mercury Comet 202 71 Fiat 124 75 Honda CVCC 5-speed 73 Dodge 100 van 76 Volvo 245 Wagon 85 Chevy 3/4 T van conversion 76 Toyota Corona Wagon 85 Maxima 94 Ford...
  15. CrabGuy

    Anyone repaired a water line?

    As a retired corrosion engineer all I can say is replace it in it's entirety with non-metallic and be done with it. Once you have one corrosion leak more will follow and leak frequency will increase exponentially. Remember, Rust Never Sleeps.
  16. CrabGuy

    Help With Garage Door Opener

    After I release mine I have to cycle the opener again to make initial contact with the disconnect. Then I have to manually pull the rope rearwards to fully engage the trolley chain. Never heard of a one time only disconnect; that sounds more like something Audi or Porsche would do.
  17. CrabGuy

    Hood ornament

    Don't forget the portholes, all the cool kids have them. :icon_cheers:
  18. CrabGuy

    How many miles on your SOHC 4.0 without having to touch the chain guides?

    I'm still rattle free @ 220K but changed tensioners at 214K. I still hear a little rattle at start up but not very often. I think late 2003-04+ all had the improved cassette design.
  19. CrabGuy

    TIL: Today I Learned...

    Be sure and opt for the zerks fitting...you can thank me later

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