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  1. WhiteBroncoII2WD

    oil pan gasket

    So I would very much like to have a leak free oil pan. I've always installed felpro gaskets and added just a bit of rtv at the four corners and of course within a short period of time I have a leaking oil pan. the Felpro intructions say to intall DRY. Should I just do that and not worry about...
  2. WhiteBroncoII2WD

    89 2.9 liter to 89 2.3 liter

    This is a project I was thinking about for the Bronco II. Any thoughts on what problems I would in counter? I was thinking that just like the 4.0 Liter swap, all I would need to do is replace the wirning harness with one from a 2.3 Liter and of course set up an exhaust system.
  3. WhiteBroncoII2WD

    MAF conversion

    I have all the parts together save a solution for what to do about the intake hose. Any ideas?
  4. WhiteBroncoII2WD

    Oil pan Gasket

    Well, I've noticed that oil is leaking from the front of the pan, time for a replace. I don't mind too much pulling the engine. My question is other than Fel-Pro which I've always used and so wish there was a Fel-Pro blue for the oil pan are there any other better gasekts to use on the 2.9 Liter?
  5. WhiteBroncoII2WD

    White Bronco II is back Home

    Wow, it has been like forever since I was able to make that statement. I just got back to work after picking up my truck from the body shop/transmission shop. He looks fantastic, no make that perfect. So what happened to my truck? Well, about two months ago I completed my cylinder head swap...
  6. WhiteBroncoII2WD

    MAF conversion

    I am thinking about making the conversion my next project. My only question is what to do about the intake hose.
  7. WhiteBroncoII2WD

    Paint code for a 1989 White Bronco II

    I am in the process of repainting my Bronco II. Lord willing this will be the last time, someone took a screw driver to it. I had it painted Performance White, but I want to take it back to the original factory Ford white. Here’s my problems the paint code along with other important...
  8. WhiteBroncoII2WD

    noise from the bellhousing

    So the oil leak is finally taken care of, camshaft freeze plug. Instead of pulling the engine we pulled the transmission, thought it might be a little easier then the pulling the engine and good practice for when I do our transmission rebuild. Now that everything's bolted back up there's this...
  9. WhiteBroncoII2WD

    tracking down a leak

    so I'm still working on this, I've replaced the rear main seal, the valve covers with the blue felpro and I still have a leak that appears at the bottom of the bell housing right bellow the transmission inspection cover. Any ideas....I want so much to get this taken are of on our truck.
  10. WhiteBroncoII2WD

    valve cover gaskets?

    I realize that the issue of leaking valve cover gaskets is nothing new, but honestly I haven’t had too much experience with it. On our rebuilt 2.9 Liter there are all new gaskets, Felpro to be exact we have a mysterious leak that appears at the base of the bell housing right below the inspection...
  11. WhiteBroncoII2WD

    oil level sensor

    So I've got the rear main seal and oil filter adaptor fixed and they're not leaking, but now I have a sure fire leak comingfrom the oil level sensor. Anything I can do to fix it?
  12. WhiteBroncoII2WD

    Speedometer needle wiggles

    Need some help, anyone....I just installed a new speedometer cable and now the needle wiggles between 0 and 20mph....I didn't have a problem before the cable went bad, it just stoped. what can I do to fix this problem?
  13. WhiteBroncoII2WD

    Oil filter adaptor (need a quick answer, please)

    For the oil filter adaptor is it a o-ring that is used for sealing of a cooper ring?
  14. WhiteBroncoII2WD

    VHT, need input quickly

    Here's the situation: I'm pulling our engine so as I can replace the rear main seal and last night when I took off the headers and y-pipe I discovered that burn through and corrosion are already penetrating the ceramic coating. These are perfect headers, JBA, though not the stainless steel...
  15. WhiteBroncoII2WD

    Call to all Delawareans and Marylanders

    Anyone here from the great State of Delaware or Maryland? Myself, I live in Delaware, but work in Maryland, still love Delaware so much better:D
  16. WhiteBroncoII2WD

    Personal Outlook and Preparation

    I don't want to get into too much detail just yet for fear of seeming boring, but I would like to share a few items my wife and I did when we rebuilt our Bronco II's engine while focusing on the future of available energy. In my mind there are two fuel sources that will be utilized in the...
  17. WhiteBroncoII2WD

    Fascination with hydrogen and water fuel

    There seems to be a lot of interest in using water as a fuel or at least as a fuel mileage booster. How come there’s not more discussion here on synthetic petroleum and bio-butanol?
  18. WhiteBroncoII2WD

    RangerStation Friends

    just wanted to say hello, it's been a while since my last log in and I've always had the respect for this forum

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