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  1. Oil in water, but no water in Oil?

    1996. Brand new engine, (2,000k) as well as radiator. Bought truck like two months ago from my dads friend, noticed oil in coolant overflow, so I replaced radiator and tank (which were old and leaked lol) and put all new coolant. I checked the oil and no water in there, but it consistently loses...
  2. Will F-150 I beams and such bolt up to 2wd 96 ranger?

    Hi all, I was talking to my grandpa and he said that that the f-150 suspension bolts up to the ranger, to get a poor mans long travel. I was wondering how true this is and what all I would need to pull off of a f-150 to get it to work... Ive got a 2wd 96'
  3. What seats will work in a 1996 Ranger

    I just bought a 1996 ranger it has no carpet and the seat is wrecked... also no door panel and is missing some trim... I was wondering what years would match up if I went to a pick and pull.

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