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  1. 4.0 SOHC Throttle body screws

    Get your hands on a metric tap & die set and determine what the thread size is. Measure the length needed. Go from there. Ha, the 'hardware store' (industrial supply house, really) I'd send you to is 3,000 miles from Oregon. Nice people in Oregon from my experience.
  2. Electric cooling fan, LMC, not as effective - need advice on shrowd physics.

    That'd all be sheet metal work, no? Fabricate or alter junk yard finds.
  3. For Sale Feeler: 1988 Black Ranger XLT 4WD Auto Rare Eddie Bauer Edition

    Which engine and transmission does it have? No mention of fluid maintenance? I'm aghast. Maybe time to redouble your efforts? Try every Ford/truck/hillbilly-gentleman site. More pictures will help sell a nice 36 year old truck. The price will seem high to many. Have you tried cars.com...
  4. Need some help with vaccum lines 4.0sohc

    Maybe that's from a VIS equipped engine from 1997-1998 -first two years for the 4.0l SOHC. The IMRC (Intake Manifold Runner Control) was a selection between two pathways....which may be what's at 12 and 6 o'clock in the photo.
  5. Need some help with vaccum lines 4.0sohc

    Is that the lower intake? What year SOHC did you find?
  6. I'm back with another Ranger.

    Hello XLTsplash: Please supply the name (brand) of the radiator and where you sourced it. I've searched for an aluminum replacement radiator for my Ranger, 2005 FX4 Off-Road-4.0l SOHC, with no luck. Ranger people mention 2, and even 3 row radiators. I can't find a single! Thanks
  7. Should I replace this

    My error. They looked silver to me last night. Today they look like good old black plastic zip ties. Should lay off that cheap Tequilla.
  8. Should I replace this

    Those aren't zip ties. They're ball lock straps; the kind used for wrapping Z-Tek (asbestos) along exhaust systems.
  9. Do I need this "T" in my vacuum lines or should I run lines individually?

    "the tee should be the check valve" Then it's a part with a number; not just a tee, no? Is the small premium for silicone worth it?
  10. Ahh...Lug Nuts

    What I've learned about locking lugs follows. USE ANTI-SEIZE ON THE THREADS AND DON"T USE EXCESSIVE FORCE TIGHTENING THEM. The lube action of the anti-seize means you don't need the same torque when tightening. The anti-seized threads will remove more easily. Ignore the people who say your...
  11. Transmission filter

    ^^ Dorman 265-831 is the pan you want. ^^
  12. Transmission filter

    I read Ford approved LV for all transfer cases. Seriously, LV for all of them. It's what I put in mine.
  13. 5 to 4 lug conversion

    Would it not be easier to source a small wheel which suits your purpose rather than heavily customizing the rear end?
  14. Radiator Support Finally

    ^^ A) They're using extra weak metal. B) I suppose a hot oil treatment at the start of your '21's ownership would've helped. Yes, I know people hat working on vehicles with it.
  15. Shock absorber recommendation

    Are there any air-bag shock brands / sources which have 'delivered'?
  16. Odd motorhome i found...

    After the '70's gas crisis, you'd see these show up on lots. Crank vent windows for the win! Can you say, "wind noise"?
  17. Safari Pacific 2004 Ranger Build

    Is it black or dark green? Looks like the wheels were refreshed a while back.
  18. Transmission filter

    Pan drop with filter change......5 quarts?
  19. 4.6L info needed?

    Friend's '97 F-150 w <70K uses 2 quarts per annum doing nothing but short trips. His 4.6 has the valve cover mounted ignition coils. I've heard some are coil-on-plug. Also, he never had a spark plug blow out. Ha-ha, anybody ever install a Ford cabin air filter kit? You perform surgery on...
  20. Differences between 4.0 SOHC long blocks

    Obviously you don't have a lot of data (2 more Explorers) but I'd love to know if there is any trannie failure data driven by geography (heat) or application (Explorers instead of Rangers). Glad my Ranger has an external trannie cooler.

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